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MicroStrategy Version 10

tough road to implementation

Overall the process was tough and long

MicroStrategy Version 10

Overall implementation was easy, but Enterprise Manager completely broke with the upgrade.

Overall upgrade to 10.4 was pretty painless. We did experience major problems with Enterprise Manager. We had to create a new instandce of our EM warehouse to finally get things working again. We also had problems with our external security modules for web. The java classes were updated with this version, so we had to update our security module to get things to work.

MicroStrategy Version 10

A must needed improvement over version 9 but starting to lag the competition.

The new visual insight it is a great improvement over version 9. eliminating Flash and the corresponding limitations have been great. it is a LOT more stable. We are beginning to use the R integration package as well as the new graphs. still, has some limitations over other tools like Tableau and it might start lagging behind the "new" players in the field like powerbi and their text interaction capabilities. the new interfaces for data wrangling and connections are more stable and user-friendly. At least in my company, it still feels a bit slow.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Robust and reliable, but needs some polish

Strong platform that scales well and handles almost all analytical use cases. APIs made ot possible to take over user experience. Community isn't strong or engaged compared to other tools, a lot to improce in the presentation layer.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Time will tell if this is the magic bullet.

The product is just reaching user acceptance. The implementer had some issues dealing with our data complexity which cost us some time but should be at budget. They were easy to work with but were more concerned about meeting budget objectives than functionality objectives.

MicroStrategy Version 10

A full single sourced, enterprise BI Solution

MicroStrategy Analytics can pull in just about any data source and answer meaningful business questions. I also believe MicroStrategy Analytics is the leader in providing a big data solution for BI. Tableau would not be able to handle the loads of data I throw at it. I do not think MicroStrategy Analytics is recommended for any small scale solution, but rather a large one.