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Endpoint Protection Platform

Works as promised

Almost everything has worked flawlessly. The couple minor issues have been resolved by support, or beraion upgrades.

Endpoint Protection Platform

Goodbye traditional AV

SentinelOne delivered on its promise to completely replace my old AV solution (Sophos). I wasn't looking to supplement Sophos, I was looking to get rid of it, and that's exactly what I was able to do. A lot of next-gen endpoint protection solutions say they can replace AV completely, but in my evaluations, they couldn't. SentinelOne's detection and protection are top notches. Add to this the ability to roll back from ransomware or other infections (if something magically makes it through) in a matter of minutes, and you have a real winner.

Endpoint Protection Platform

Excellent product; enterprise management is still maturing

SentinelOne does an excellent job responding to customer needs and focusing development towards those needs. Their only issue is the technology is still maturing and there have been some workarounds we have needed to create to implement into our enterprise.

Endpoint Protection Platform

It Just Works.

System works well. We added multiple units after first year trial as a result

Endpoint Protection Platform

SentielOne, the next gen EDR that beats all the rest.

SentinelOne has made transitioning to their product seamless. They are a great company to work with and they go out of their way to provide great customer support.


Endpoint Protection Platform

An effective and powerful endpoint protection platform

SentinelOne is a powerful and effective endpoint protection solution. It has already caught a zero-day threat which made it past our other security layers. It is robust enough to have agents deployed on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and also Android coming soon as well. SentinelOne stands behind their product and offers some unique advantages such as depth of machine learning and source data by crawling through gigabytes of data per day and allows for pre-execution behavior detection and does not allow bypass mechanisms as easily as other 'machine learning' endpoint protection systems do.

Endpoint Protection Platform

Implementation and management is simple. Reduced time to protect our staff from attacks.

Glad you had a good experience. Would you please share what stood out? The Vendor worked with us to make sure all our applications worked with their solution. They were engaged and provided quick help whenever we needed it. They have continued to follow-up with us after the implementation to make sure all is going well.

Endpoint Protection Platform

Endpoint Protection That Actually Works.

Great support and technology.