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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Effective and managable with a small team

Sophos has proved an effective suite of protections against virul threats. Used in combination with other countermeasures we have reduced the level of virul activity on our networks by 98%.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

End Ransomware by improving your vendor.

Endpoint breech activity (malware attacks, ransomware, etc.) dropped immediately. Easy to install, Relitively easy to configure after 3 hour long training sessions with Professional Services.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Prompt Service

Prompt service

Intercept X, Sophos Central, Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Server Protection

Impressive breadth of endpoint protection with a relatively painless implementation.

Overall, things have gone well. Implementation was pretty straight-forward and professional services were good.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Implementation completed and managing it successfully through the centralized console

Management became easy with the centralized console. Application control policy and data control policy is easy through the console

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Cost effective and affordable, comprehensive security, easy management, simple deployment.

We bounced around between a few solutions until we ultimately landed on Sophos. We've been very happy with the solution as well as the support, and are hapily renewing this year (as we speak actually).

Intercept X, Sophos Central

Works as Advertised


Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos AV is a solid choice possibly top 3

Sophos is a fantastic product line. What drew us in was the UTM experience. Implementation as it relates to this review was in an extremely limited use case (less than 5 machines). Cost and integration and reporting are primarily what drew me in. To this day I think it is a great product....better than most AV's. Having said that, there is another AV product out there that is blowing it away in terms of ease of use, performance, lightweight install and day to day operations, as well as ransomware detection.

Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Server Protection

Affordable and effective endpoint protection

We were very happy with the deployment of Sophos. The distribution and updates to the client and have been extremely smooth. We have not had a big performance hit with this product as we had with others. No major security incidents since.

Sophos Central, Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Server Protection

Nothing beats Sophos

Very good user interface experience and thoughtful product design.