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Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Great product, gave us alot more features than we had before

The GUI interface is cleaner and easier to understand than what we had with Sonicwall previously for our firewall. it was nice to have everything working together, the UTM, firewall, Antivirus, and our VPN. VPN was easy to give access to and install for on the road users, walking someone through installing it was a breeze, all web based. Support at first was a little troublesome, having being have to be redirected to FAQ's or emails with the FAQ attached instead of personalized assistance. Time to get in touch with a tech at first was a bit long too, sometimes having to wait for up to an hour to get through. Since deployment though, this has improved, support is easier and quicker to get in touch with, and being able to speak to a higher level tech when needed is easier to do as well. Overall, Sophos is a great product with a lot of potential, we would like to see some end user and admin training for the portal we use though, or possibly training available somewhere near us.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Great product for the price.

Good. The Sophos product (UTM 9) has been a very solid product. I use the firewall at multiple locations. It is easy to use. Easy to learn. Works well.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Implementation was easy and support is excellent

The setup was very easy. We received a DoA box initially but were given an advanced replacment immediately and without question. Customer service was excellent and simple to deal with. The device itself is extremely easy to manage all of our various connections and rules.

Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Implementation Easy - Deployment of Endpoint - Easier. Recommending to all my colleagues

UTM Product has been a staple of stability for the organization with security and secure remote access.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

As Astaro, we watched and help them grow

Our relationship with them started out great years ago when they were Astaro. Once Sophos purchased the line, support was still good, I have hardly had to contact them at all due to my experience and their support personel teaching me along the way.

Intercept X, Sophos Endpoint Protection

Easy implementation many solid solution under one roof

the software and implementation were straight forward and easy. A few issues not related to the solution were happening on Sophos’s end that caused issues.

Sophos Central, Sophos Endpoint Protection

Implementation was clean and simple.

Sophos products are well developed, efficient, and cost effective solutions for SMB's. The product deployed cleanly, did not require excessive intervention to correct the few deployment exceptions, and has worked flawlessly since initial implementation. The management console is cloud based, easy to understand, and highly functional.

Sophos Endpoint Protection, Other...

Implementation was relatively easy and product is easy to maintain.

The product works relatively well. We have had some issues with the web appliances working as expected.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Excellent endpoint protection and easy to manage

They have been very responsive

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

UTM 9.4 as a VM firewall

Tested UTM 9.4 as a VM firewall. Simple to use and manage. Like any new firewall, things are in different places but Sophos has a logical easy to follow layout.