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VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Fast Antivirus that does not hog system resources

Vipre has consistently provided good malware protection for our endpoints. We have had few problems, and those were resolved with the help of Vipre support.

VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Easy implementation and excellent USA based support

Excellent customer service with remote techs available same business day to resolve virus infections. We've only had a few minor issues with this vendor in several years ... mostly bad virus definitions with false positive results.

VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Decent, Non-intrusive Anti-malware product

I've used several other mainstream anti-malware solutions, so I'm new to VIPRE. As a matter of fact, the product that was supposed to be a stop-gap until we looked at other apps. Overall VIPRE is non-intrusive and does a fair job of identifying potential threats. As a lesson-learned, make sure that all workstations have the same version of the app because an older version will give false-positives.

VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Easy Implementation

Easy implementation

VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Intuitive interface

The support representatives are very helpful and quick to respond. The return on investment was good. There may be others on the market, but this was easily managed by one person rather than requiring a large group of people to manage the system. It also is not as resource heavy as some other solutions.

VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine)

Happy with VIPRE for Exchange

VIPRE for Exchange does a great job of limiting the spam email to our employees. It uses multiple spam scoring engines including Cloudmark which was our previous product. It is configurable to block spam from the new TLDs as well. It also scans attachments for viruses and for file types such as exe. Individuals each get their own 'allowed' and 'blocked' lists. The product supports anti-spoofing to tie your ip addresses to your email addresses, to stop all that spam spoofed as sent from your domain. The only thing that doesn't always work is the option to delete items from the spam folder automatically after X days. For users who get more than 500 spam a day, this pretty consistently stops deleting anything, meaning we have to check their folders once a month or so. Installation of the product is fairly easy, although there are a few steps with registering components that hook into Exchange that seemed unnecessarily complex (long commands had to be typed at the prompt). Overall I and my users are very happy with the product.