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Works, low overhead, poor management

Does what an AV does with low overhead. Management functions we have had issues


Admin interface is a bit quirky and not the most intuitive.

Sometimes a little slow in updating signatures for new hashes.


we are safe

Easy to talk to - fast responses


Steady for a long time...but, now...?

Trend initial products and services have been very good. Lately, I've been testing the newest version including the email gateway protection product. We've had significant issues with testing this product. it doesn't feel like its up to the same standards of other Trend products. Still feels Beta. Love the core on-prem end user products


Software works as advertised

Sofware works as advertised, easy to install, zero problems.


Rollout-fairly easy, but like other products, fails to catch every piece of malware there

Overall we are pretty happy with the product. We have come across some viruses, etc that OfficeScan did not catch, but other AV did. Nothing is 100% though and zero-days are just that. The web reputation feature is handy though in preventing at least some zero days


Quality desktop security application that was seamless to install.

We have rolled this product out in phases. We had some issues with the remote installation and worked with the vendor in the packaging of the installer. That process was successful and we were able to push it to our alpha and beta group silently.


Worry free foundation tool that allows focus elsewhere

Solid foundation tool that allows myself and my team to concentrate on other objectives. We implemented Trend in less than a month to a global organization. The tool has been stable, done what it is supposed to do and has not been a resouce hog on the clients or the network.

Trend Micro Deep Security

Implementation was challenging but was able to get it installed with Trend tech support.

Trend's tech support has been exceptional. The Deep Security product was a little difficult at times to install but with Trend tech support we wer able to get it fully implimented.

Worry-Free Standard

Easy installation, good feature-set, but not as much control as other solutions.

All went well with deployment and install, both on PC's and Macs. Mostly from a mass email with install link.