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What is Energy Trade and Risk Management Systems?

An Energy Trade and Risk Management Systems (ETRM) system is an integrated single or modular solution that can capture and manage wholesale energy market transactions, from execution to settlement, invoicing, managing, and reporting market and credit exposures for energy commodities. The ETRM systems market comprises ETRM platform solutions and other, related ETRM solutions. The ETRM platform — the most pivotal solution in this market — is an application or modular suite of applications used to manage a company’s position in one or more commodities. It is the system of record for both physical and financial wholesale energy transactions, from trade to invoice and settlement.

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"Murex MX.3 for Trading/Sales Desks, Treasury, and Risk Management"

Murex MX.3 has met our needs as we sought to transition to a fully-hosted SaaS platform.

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