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BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio, BiZZdesign Architect

Great partner

Bizzdesign has proved to be a sound partner with lots of knowledge about Enterprise Architecture, understanding it's all about improving business outcomes.

BiZZdesign Architect

use of architect is not so easy

It works well, no so easy to use

BiZZdesign Architect

Easy setup and adoption, very good usability, problems when scaling model

Very good consultancy and support at the begining. The best visual modeling capabilities at the time of selection. Very good adoption by architects' community in the company. Little problems with support few years ago. Currently problems with performance (they are hopefuly fixed in new version, but we haven't migrated yet)

BiZZdesign Architect

BizzDesign - Perfect Enterprise Architecture tool

BizzDesign delivered the scope on time with high quality. I can say that they are not only a tool provider, they work beyond this. They understand thoroughly what enterprise architecture is and how it can benefit the organization. Their consultancy services were of high value

BiZZdesign Architect

Flexible and adhering to Standards

Very supportive, willing to share knowledge without the consultancy fees.

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

Ease of implementation and flexible configurations

Implementation was easy due to well functioning cooperation between vendor and 3rd party solution provider. We had good understanding of the key requirements, and vendor was able to provide a reliable proof of concept in the purchace phase. The product has later proved to meet the requirements in a quite a satisfactory way during production.

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

Clean and useful offering

Responsive and engaging, product has a lot of depth and features well demonstrated, specifically at infrastructure and application architect levels

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

The BiZZ Design Studio driving Strategy to Execution, we found it a very powerful tool.

The vendor interaction was good however in terms of pricing the product was very expensive and the vendor was not able to provide flexibility in terms of pricing. i work for a non-profit, for non-profits, it is not possible to invest in such expensive products. Usually, there will be non-profit discounts available form vendors. However, in this case it was not available. i would request BiZZ Desin to have a nonprofit pricing model.

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

A Model for Modeling Tools

BiZZdesign has an extremely competent customer support desk. They have promptly and accurately responded to many of my questions and concerns to help me learn to maximize my use of Enterprise Studio. The tool itself has served us well once equipped with the BPMN modeling and Insite Lite report add-ins. Its strengths are its ability to associated documentation with modeling objects and produce web reports.

BiZZdesign Architect

Uses established TOGAF framework and interoperates with open standard

Tool uses TOGAF framework