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BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

Clean and useful offering

Responsive and engaging, product has a lot of depth and features well demonstrated, specifically at infrastructure and application architect levels

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

The BiZZ Design Studio driving Strategy to Execution, we found it a very powerful tool.

The vendor interaction was good however in terms of pricing the product was very expensive and the vendor was not able to provide flexibility in terms of pricing. i work for a non-profit, for non-profits, it is not possible to invest in such expensive products. Usually, there will be non-profit discounts available form vendors. However, in this case it was not available. i would request BiZZ Desin to have a nonprofit pricing model.

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio

A Model for Modeling Tools

BiZZdesign has an extremely competent customer support desk. They have promptly and accurately responded to many of my questions and concerns to help me learn to maximize my use of Enterprise Studio. The tool itself has served us well once equipped with the BPMN modeling and Insite Lite report add-ins. Its strengths are its ability to associated documentation with modeling objects and produce web reports.

BiZZdesign Architect

Uses established TOGAF framework and interoperates with open standard

Tool uses TOGAF framework

BiZZdesign Architect

Always good to work with a vendor that is proactive and insures our success.

Very responsive vendor and willing to help and consult.

BiZZdesign Architect

Easy to use, Links to project-and portfolio management processes and good consultancy.

Personal contact and broad knowledge of the market, the tool and the needs of the professionals using the tool.

BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio, BiZZdesign Architect

Easy to use and makes the life of the professional architect a lot nicer.

Excellent User experience. Tool does what is must do. Reuse of architectural components is key. Tool supports desired languages and open standards.

BiZZdesign Architect

Small company; large support.

Completeness and user friendlyness of tool. Support by helpdesk. Quality of consultants.

BiZZdesign Architect

User friendly, intuitive and easily adaptable.

Vendor's strong desire to partner with us in decision making and implementation support.

BiZZdesign Architect

An efficient and easy-to-use tool for managing enterprise complexity.

The platform is functionally rich, easy to use, and open. It could be more robust on the technical side.