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ER/Studio - Functional but not polished and overly difficult to install and upgrade

The tool once implemented is functional but not flawless. The implementation and upgrade process and documentation is flawed and overly difficult for modern software, but there are not many other good supported options for our environment (Netezza and other relational DBs)


Implementation was easy but need a preparation sheet

The tool matches most of the requirements.


Implementation was not intuitive, but very manageable

Customer service has been excellent. Prompt and accurate responses.


Powerful tool, especially when integrated with Team Server

ER/Studio Data Architect provides a full-featured tool for creating and integrating data models. It goes beyond being merely a data model design tool, though. It allows for the documentation of data lineage, data transformation, and data movement, to allow you to really create an enterprise-wide view of all of your data assets and how they relate. When used in conjunction Embarcadero Team Server, it allows you to perform version management and shared development of the models. Publishing models to the Team Server repository facilitates disemination of the data dictionary, glossary, and other metadata to the entire organization.