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ARIS, Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Very knowledgeable consulting staff. Ex from their showcase helped our implementation

The training and consulting team did a great job showing us the opportunities in improve our implementation of their product. They used an offline copy of our instance to create reports and dashboard to show us what's possible.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Great Product, takes time to set up properly

Great tool and they sell the vision really well. Problem is that this product is incredibly difficult to stand up without a consistent, dedicated staff. We attempted to "piecemeal" the implementation by borrowing development resources from multiple teams and it has not worked well. SoftwareAG has been great about recommending consulting services that can help us move along faster. Overall, this is a great product, just be sure that you need a Ferrari before you buy the Ferrari.


Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Very Comprehensive Functionality to manage Enterprise Architecture Artefacts

Outperforming meta-model Excellent configurability Visualisation features could be improved to fulfill CIO-requirements Very helpful user-group-communitee Very good technical support


Mature and strong solution but nor very user-friendly

The solution is relatively rich functionally speaking, specifically in the area of business processes, and really mature but : - not really user friendly - lacking out-of-the box reporting capabilities - relatively rigid regarding the possibility to use the ;odel

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Powerful out-of-the-box toolset, that requires clear understanding of what to do in EA.

Excellent meta-model, good configurability, clear workflow focus. The visualisation capabilities should be extended. The tool offers "enough" functionality out of the box. Consulting service has a strong customer focus.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

The product is highly configurable, performs well and offers a lot out of the box.

In general, Alfabet is a very powerful Enterprise Architecture Management solution with a large functional width that covers many aspects of EAM and also surrounding disciplines. Therefore you need to focus on certain topics while implementing and customizing the UI down to the really necessary options. Otherwise, the users will be overwhelmed with available functionality. Alfabet offers a lot of reports out of the box, the closer you stick to the common meta-model delivered with the product the easier it will be to leverage those, but any report can also be adjusted to include additional, customer-specific data. In terms of user-interface and graphical reporting Software AG has improved greatly over the last couple of years but still has a long way to go to compete with today's state-of-the-art web-interfaces.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Software AG EA Tools All Encompassing for EA Success

Company is easy to work with and responds quickly to marketing and technical questions.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Strong model based method to capturing architectural and portfolio planning information.

The vendor was very knowledgeable in the approach and use of the product and how the various functions can support and enhance our business. As we took the approach to "change our practices to best leverage the product" we were able to leverage the experience and capability of the product to help mature and guide our own internal practices.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Implementation was easy, issues were related to missing processes in our company.

Customer oriented, and glad to provide WebEx on all latest changes. Annual user group meetings enable customers to meet and discuss all relevant topics.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Product is very powerful, but implementation will need support of a good partner Company.

Together with other customers and a strong partner doing the implementation work, we were able to implement additional functionalities required into that application. It is beneficial, that alfabet has very experienced developers and knowledgeable staff. According the solution it is very beneficial that it allows to extend it by making use of its outstanding interface capabilities. Head of alfabet development is always willing to listen to new ideas, but implementation is not always guaranteed. However: License model is quite intrasparent and with the acquisition of former alfabet through Software AG SAG tries to increase prices and is becoming more inflexable.