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Reviews for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

What is enterprise asset management (EAM) software?

Energy and utility companies evaluate and procure enterprise asset management (EAM) products to address physical asset care requirements — that is, these products provide maintenance support for fixed plants (such as power generation plants, water plants, refineries and offshore rigs), for linear distributed assets (such as power lines and pipelines), and/or for fleet assets (such as service equipment, transformers, pumping stations and wind generator towers). For energy and utility companies with complex fixed-plant requirements, the EAM functionality provided must be capable of managing hierarchical plant structures; preventive maintenance; outage/shutdown planning for refurbishments; increasingly, a "fleet" capability not just for vehicles but also for fleets of assets, such as an oilfield or a wind farm; and the tracking and managing of operational technology (OT) devices and systems.

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