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Asset Suite EAM

ABB Asset Suite - OK for upgrade, but question where it is going

My company in the past has not been visionary, leading or even contemporary in the IT space. Recent changes to the IT leadership has brought around more focus on process, standards, and lifecycle of applications and infrastructure. Not long ago we upgraded the ABB Asset Suite to version 8; driven more by the business side than IT. IT had only patched or versioned that system when absolutely necessary! :-O As a new member of the IT leadership team, coming in at the very end of the project, I found that ABB can be responsive (when they want or when you follow their exact process) but often appears to lack vision for the product, shows inability to technical support some of the deeper functions of the system, and doesn't understand priorities when working with a small to mid-sized business.

Ellipse EAM

Implementation was slow and product was out dated feeling

I thought the product was hard to implement and was slow.

Asset Suite EAM

Product very powerful for Energy Production

Good relationship with the vendor. Very Proactive

Ellipse EAM

Core capabilities of Asset Management match core business in a Mining company

This is a relatively new application for ABB, however their strength in the marketplace and as leaders in their general industrial capabilities was a major factor in choosing this product. Whilst there are still some gaps in the delivery of the application, this vendor has shown flexibility and an eagerness to ensure they are competitive and have made the effort to be involved with in-company teams to ensure the product delivery is smooth. It is a fairly new version and it does have some glitches, the vendor has worked with the implementation team to ensure issues identified are addressed right away.