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EMC Documentum

Upgrading from 6.5 was relatively painless, but future upgrades and roadmap will not be.

We recently upgraded to EMC Documentum 6.7 from v 6.5. We have been running this installation of Documentum for over 5 years with relatively no issues. Unfortunately the 6.7 installations is being EOSL in April 2018 and the upgrade roadmap to Content Server 7 is very difficult. That coupled with the fact that the Documentum product has been acquired by OpenText from EMC is going to make for a very difficult and time-consuming project.

EMC Captiva Capture

Simple and basic implementation, meets business need.

We implemented Captiva Capture on a short timeline. Product was implemented with basic functionality which suits our need. The opportunity to further leverage this product has not been taken advantage of by our application users.

EMC Captiva Capture

OCR capabilty and AP integration

We are looking to evaluate the OCR solution for Automation of Accounts payables. Captiva has very advanced OCR capabilities and modules which fits to overall the capability we are looking. It has very good reconciliation and integration with ERP

EMC Captiva Capture, EMC Documentum

Reasons Why We Like Documentum Document Management

Businesses with processes and applications that involve a large volume of documents, benefit greatly from using a document management system. Document management systems are, essentially, digital storage places for files and documents - what we call “repositories" and they are used to track and store electronic documents. Metadata, such as creation date, author name etc., can be added to each digitally stored document. That will facilitate efficient searching in vast volumes of digital documents or display a specific document's role in an entire file. There are many document management platforms out there - Microsoft Sharepoint, K2, Alfresco and Documentum to name a few. In this blog, I'll focus on Documentum. Documentum was founded in 1990 and acquired by EMC² Corporation in 2003. It is now a part of EMC²'s Enterprise Content Management division that aims at building hybrid cloud solutions to make the digital workplace more efficient. Why do I like Documentum? It's a flexible system in many aspects, from a developer's point of view, but also from a user's. Choosing Documentum will allow you to choose the user interface of your liking, tuned to your needs. The system is built to grow along with your company - be it by expanding the number of servers or by moving to the cloud. Besides that, Documentum seamlessly interacts with other systems, such as scanning software, and with its new file sharing features you can share files with colleagues quickly and securely. Documentum has a lot to offer, but in my opinion, its most attractive characteristic is its flexibility. When you decide to use Documentum in your company, you're getting a system that has two user interfaces (D2 and xCP) which you can use separately as well as working alongside each other.

EMC Documentum

Implementation was delayed due to configuration challenges

As an OOTB solution, the application worked as described. However, customization was required and implementation of the customization was challenging.

EMC Documentum

Using an experienced 3rd party to upgrade document management solution = success

This was an upgrade to a newer version of the Document Management solution, we utilized a 3rd party with expertise in the product not the vendor themselves. The process and enhancements we received with the upgrade were great. Better search performance and enabled Kerberos authentication.

EMC Documentum

Little to no learning curve and proved to be a reliable, scalable solution

Easy to understand with little to no learning curve, end user satisfaction was high with implementation and once implemented it was not a tool that required frequent end user support for problems.

EMC Documentum

eTMF from EMC

Flexibility in articulating Roche specifics in the roadmap

EMC Documentum

Full Featured, but lacks end user usability

I feel that the overall product is good, however they lacked focus on their UI.

EMC Documentum

Implementation was complex but went as planned without too much trouble.

Primarily handled the install and upgrade internally but relied heavily on vendor documentation.