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Alfresco One - Enterprise

Alfresco is still coming of age

Alfresco is still coming of age. In the past couple of releases, they have become more enterprise-grade, but the vendor and integration partner seem to have little experience in large enterprise environments. One example is neither the integration partner nor the vendor had much experience with virtualization, Kerberos or single sign on, and wanted us to build out our environments on bare metal and use NTLM. Fortunately, we have very strong infrastructure architect on my team who was able to lead them through that portion of the implementation. We have experienced issues with third party components implemented by our integration partner. In general, the landscape for third party components that support Alfresco is still very limited. I would strongly recommend not straying far from Alfresco's core capabilities and not rely on third party functionality to supplement functionality you feel is missing in the core Alfresco product. Stay close to the core, out of the box capabilities of the product. During the course of our implementation, we opened several tickets with Alfresco related to defects in the product. Response from Alfresco was not great. Find yourself a very strong support partner and avoid relying directly on Alfresco support.


Alfresco Community

Needed some custom made functionality and workflows

customisqtion is not always straightforward

Alfresco One - Enterprise

Easy implementation and integration to other environments

Good customer handling. Bad that Alfresco has changed the licensing model and have become "americanized" with short-sighted focus on quarterly earnings


Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

A Robust solution. However, more work is needed to improve the Share collaboration tools

Technical support has varied from very good to not so good. Sometimes it takes a long time for the right support analyst to get involved.

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

Works great, but hard to upgrade

THe upgrade process has been basically impossible. Even with making changes they suggest we have not been to get an upgrade implemented.

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

Alfresco has helped keep our goals with a good support team

Alfresco has helped keep our goals in our major project. Alfresco offers a good product support Alfresco ECM is agile and scalable product with a vision of the future

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

Continuous deployment pipeline on a windows platform has been tricky, but bugs worked out

Alfresco is a great product. From the IT standpoint and deploying the software we have ran into an issue. However, since we upgraded to 5.1 it has been good.

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

A bit complex to deploy in cluster architecture, but strong performance and reliability

We are using Alfresco as a backend for many systems in public administration. Document's volume is very high, but Alfresco performance allows us to store them in an efficient way.

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

Very flexible, but comes with cost in more complex data environments

From an integration perspective, Alfresco is very competitive and flexible. Flexibility comes with a cost, which is high work amount to find working solutions to Industry and Engineering area where item structures, relationships between business objects etc. are crucial. This aspect is not taken into account in product enough and this needs focus from the vendor. Also struggling with performance is something to be considered in future versions.

Alfresco One - Enterprise, Alfresco One Enterprise

Alfresco facilitated the implementation, but acquisition process was slow

During many meetings, the vendor was able to prove that ALFRESCO complies our requirements, he sent relevant documentation and absolved all our doubts. Alfresco facilitated the implementation of our requirements But the acquisition process was very slow because there was a lack of knowledge about the process.