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EMC Documentum

Implementation was complex but went as planned without too much trouble.

Primarily handled the install and upgrade internally but relied heavily on vendor documentation.

EMC Documentum

Easy to manage internally due to commodity skillset.

Our implementation of the D2 product was essentially a rehost of the system acquired via an M&A transaction, but we chose to make this an exception versus the expected standard of keeping all our current incumbent systems. In this case it will replace an older DCM-based system which is now out of support. We brought it over as v4.2 to minimize variables during the rehost but we plan to tech refresh it to v4.6 next year.

EMC Documentum

Easy out of box solutions but required more easy customization options

Very helpful. Very knowledgable support personnel. Timely response and suggestions. Easy out of box solutions but more easy customization options would help.

EMC Managed services OnDemand

Their legacy conversion tool was very effective.

Great partners to work with; know what they do.

EMC Documentum

Beware of over utilizing D2

We implemented the D2 Application framework which turns out to be still maturing.

EMC Documentum

Upgrade went well

the upgrade went smooth.

EMC Documentum

Successful implementation, 5 years no improvements

The implementation was successful, the software worked as expected except for a huge issue which we came upon which the vendor could only resolve after a few months. For the past few years the product has been working fine, but the features, functionality and interfece did not change since then, we had envisioned that there would be more enhancements every year.

EMC Managed services OnDemand

Stable reliable managed service.

Service / Support has been excellent. Technical knowledge of product well demonstrated by EMC. Hardware is owned by EMC and managed as part of the services.

EMC Documentum

Meets Records Needs; System Requirements are a Burden

Navigating EMC can be challenging at best; however, when we were reassigned to a sales representative focused on utilities, our vendor relationship improved. We love the product - it meets our complex records management needs but we are concerned about its future. With a looming Dell acquisition, will Documentum keep pace with ECM changes. How will it work with Office 365? Will Webtop be discontinued? Internally, we fight our own battles mandating Documentum as our users are beginning to demand SharePoint for the collaboration features Documentum doesn't offer. Our challenges in the next year will defining how we can meet users' needs while meeting the needs of our legal and governence records management teams. We also struggle to keep up with our enterprise demands - Documentum requires specific browsers, JRE, and operating systems - while our other systems have different requirements.

EMC Captiva Capture

The EMC Captiva product managers have architected

Overall, the product performance is better in the 7.1 version than previous. The product managers have been engaged and shared many insights to the new versions and roadmaps. They are actively listening to their customers.