Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE Records Manager

Implementation and Support: difficult to use.

HPE support is notorious for giving the run-around transferring support calls across the globe for resolution and incident management. Although we didn't care who gave us the resolution, hand off wasn't transparent. Often times we would reach out to someone who ended up being on vacation for a week to find out we should have engaged someone else. We chose the product because we assumed the migration of data would be the easiest since we previously used Autonomy. We had so many problems with the migration tools, lack of instructions and ensuring the security model was consistent.

HPE Records Manager

A strong and appealing product given a well supported implementation.

HPE Records Manager (aka HPE Content Manager and formerly HP TRIM) is a popular and useful software certified for Records Management per DoD 5015.2 and has advanced integration with SharePoint. It is more user friendly than most, the implementation ahs been known to be a problem, but ahs always been 80% functional or so everywhere I've worked. Many issues with content mgmt are often bureaucratic (access restrictions and info sensitivity). Popularity has waned, soem large organizations must have dropped their contracts with them recently and acquisition issues may have prevented them from showing on Gartnet. Hoewever, I always considered them a leader in the industry, it is a highly functional and scalable solution (at least for a single large organization, haven't tested in a multi government agency environement).

HPE Records Manager

Implementation was painful, lot of promised features difficult to implement.

Not satisfied with the level of implementation.