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Reliable and powerful with the correct configuration

Hyland has always been responsive and knowledgable. They have a great vision for their product and a fantastic team supporting that vision.


OnBase has improved our business functions drastically

OnBase has worked extremely well for our company. It has helped us maximize our efficiencies while also improving communication and record keeping for everyone.

OnBase, OnBase Cloud

Easy to Use, Pleasant User Interface, Simple Learning Curve & Good Community Support

Overall, my experience with Hyland OnBase has been positive. Storage and extraction of data is achieved in a fairly straightforward manner, and both the Unity Client and the OnBase Client link well together to provide effective document access. We are in the midst of an upgrade to version 16, which includes the dashboarding module (to help visualize information). Having got a sneak peek of this already, it looks like a very useful feature.



A dedicated reseller who is committed to professional services is a must.

The reseller was not as committed as we had hoped and came in over budget on services. The software itself now that it is deployed works as expected. Changed reseller for next deployment.


Implementation was straight forward, and the knowledge base was great

We had a great implementation team from Hyland-very helpful whenever questions or concerns arose.


Implementation was smooth, but upgrade path was a challenge

Upgrades were tricky


OnBase Outcome Based Solutions streamlines Financial Aid and Graduate Admissions processes

It moved us from a completely paper based process for Financial Aid and Graduate Admissions where folders were literally passed from one person to another or from department to department for reviews and decisons, to fully electronic documents and workflows using a single interface. Hyland outcome based soltuion provided a relativly quick path with some ability to modifiy the solution to meet our unique business processess. The most challenging aspect was, and continues to be, the lack of a verison of the Unity Client for the Machintosh enviornment, resulting was the requirement for University developers to rewrite OnBase code for the Graduate Admissions Outcome Based Soltuion to make it work in the OnBase Web Client.


Implementation was easy but needed but took longer than anticipated

Defining the requirements and getting buy in from internal groups for the right was a challenge. While OnBase had an existing relationship with the business there was no relationship with IT. Getting business to understand storage planning and architecture and the the for compatibility with existing SSO took a lot of education. Working with OnBase as a vendor however was easy. They provided the support necessary to make us successful.


Struggled through initial implementation with positive go live/post go live reception

Our overall experience during this implementation was mixed. The intial resources sent to assist us with the implementation were farily new and experienced with the product. This lead to what proved to be some poor design choices that we were forced to redesign. We also experienced that during this time it was difficult to receive assistance from the vendor. This could have been improved through some direct communcation to allow us to fully explain what we needed to accomplish. The end result after go-live was overall very satisfactory and we received positive feedback from the end user community.


Stable, Reliable Document Management but not recommended without purchasing support

Professional Services are great until you get to the "last mile". Technical Support is above average with occasional long hold times and occasional tech that is still learning the product. Of all the applications I've supported, OnBase is one of the most reliable. We've had no unplanned outages. The product is continuously improved and they're responsive to suggestions from their customers.