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OnBase Proven Technology

This digital document system provides necessary tools to view, edit and share files. You can open existing documents and make any desired changes. Version control allows you to access the most recent version of a document. This eliminates old and outdated information from being circulated around your company and prevents employees from wasting time by making unnecessary changes to old documents. This feature also allows you to access all previous versions of a document. Users complain about the steep learning curve that OneBase has in order to master all of the software potentialities. There is no online FAQ for common questions and it seems that the knowledge base is not accessible. Otherwise, there are not much to dislike on OnBase software solution and there are not many complaints or negative feedback from customers that worth mentioning here.


Very Intuitive To Learn

OnBase is a fantastic tool that is being adopted further and futher by more facets of our company. I only wish that it was easier to move Lifecycles from Dev to Test to Production.


Slow, Expensive, & Poorly Supported

Used to provide document retention and search features as part of a larger a contract managment system. This was the first time HCA used the OnBase APIs as part of a solution. The overall cost was very high due to both the licensing and the large required infrastructure costs. The peformance of the APIs along with the inability of Hylands modules to meet our security requirements has resulted in a poor end user experience. We experience periodical application outages due to app pool crashes in production that the vendor has not been able or willing to resolve. The APIs are very limiting in the way they can be used and any requests to to consider other business use cases as enhancement requests have been rejected often without discussion. We will replacing the OnBase components this year with much a cheaper and performant solution built in-house.


Initial implementation was challenging but once over that hurdle other's are easier

The platform provides us the flexibility to build the solutions we need. The vendor support is fantastic. Licensing can be challenging with all the modules and evolution of those modules.


Overal great ECM system

This product overall is a great ECM system, user friendly and offers many end user options.


Reliable and powerful with the correct configuration

Hyland has always been responsive and knowledgable. They have a great vision for their product and a fantastic team supporting that vision.


OnBase has improved our business functions drastically

OnBase has worked extremely well for our company. It has helped us maximize our efficiencies while also improving communication and record keeping for everyone.

OnBase, OnBase Cloud

Easy to Use, Pleasant User Interface, Simple Learning Curve & Good Community Support

Overall, my experience with Hyland OnBase has been positive. Storage and extraction of data is achieved in a fairly straightforward manner, and both the Unity Client and the OnBase Client link well together to provide effective document access. We are in the midst of an upgrade to version 16, which includes the dashboarding module (to help visualize information). Having got a sneak peek of this already, it looks like a very useful feature.



A dedicated reseller who is committed to professional services is a must.

The reseller was not as committed as we had hoped and came in over budget on services. The software itself now that it is deployed works as expected. Changed reseller for next deployment.


Implementation was straight forward, and the knowledge base was great

We had a great implementation team from Hyland-very helpful whenever questions or concerns arose.