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IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Easy implementation and good support

Excellent product and support

IBM Datacap

All smooth once we got the right resources and team.

Once we got correct resources, everything ran smooth. But until then there were hurdles and issues.

IBM Datacap

Datacap upgrade was straightforward with some challenging product issues.

There is not a lot of 3rd party Datacap experience in the market, which sometimes causes us to rely on IBM for services. There services have been great, but they can be expensive and it takes multiple iterations to bring them down on pricing. For this particular upgrade, we primarily used their support services when we ran into issues with the upgrade. Some issues remained opened for an extended period of time even though they were Sev. 1 tickets. Required us to open a critical situation with them in order to get any movement. I would give them a 3 with overall experience sometimes, but they have been a decent partner and will take care of issues if you escalate them through the proper channels, even though we shouldn't have to do this.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Limited capabilities after ingestion.

Continued support for the vendor’s ODWEK component would have been appreciated.