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Laserfiche has a flexible backend that was easily integrated into our programs & process.

the sale process was great. The implementation team was great. they were very knowledgeable and patient. We had one little minor issue over wording in the contract. After a negotiation process, we came to a compromise that was agreeable to everyone.


Start new don't migrate.

Hard to express frustration of being required to leverage additional licenses to support migration of individual applications.


Laserfiche form creation module is extremely valuable and make systems development and systems integration very easy.

Great vendor support. Great functionality very innovative product, easy to implement.

Laserfiche, Laserfiche Cloud, Laserfiche Connector

The document management capabilities exceeded our requirements and expectations!

Laserfiche Cloud has been a significant step forward for us. The solution provides excellent document management with important security features and allows more effective collaboration. However, it also automates the filing of key documents using the capture tools and template options, and it will allow us to eventually apply retention schedules to archived content. The Laserfiche Connector is a cost-effective way of integrating Laserfiche Cloud with other SaaS systems. I also want to highlight the Laserfiche team for the excellent implementation support from requirements through training.


Simple vanilla implementation, but need support beyond that.

The PS group has done a good job of supporting when they have the time to do so. I appreciate the willingness to work with us, but at times it has been difficult to bring pointed issues to resolution.