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Lexmark ECM, Other...

Lexmark needs to Focus on fixing what they have and stop buying other companies

Started great, then fell apart when Lexmark bought it then sold it

Perceptive IntelliCapture

Users very pleased with our implementation for AP workflow and ERP integations.

Worked as advertised. Good results. Some technologies a little dated, but overall workable.

Perceptive IntelliCapture

Understand their billable services before you sign the contract

Great product, but be very careful when implementing the software utilizing their installation services. Make sure you understand how and what they bill for before you sign the contract.

Perceptive IntelliCapture

Long term partner

Vendor is very supportive.

Lexmark ECM

Less that flawless execution, but will make wrongs right.

My experience started after the selection of the partner/platform, justification, and 1 month before go-live. The professional services team was fairly inexperienced. There was one experienced person who became the go-to for many tasks and thus resulted in a less than optimal execution. The partner organization has always done the right thing when failures happened, but I would have liked to see fewer failures.

Lexmark ECM

Poor implementation, unstable product

Vendor was unable to deliver product in timely manner, nor as advertised.

Perceptive IntelliCapture


I like perceptive concept more than ImageNow - it was hard to see attachments and now it's greate!

Lexmark ECM

Implementation was choppy

Not a smooth ride. Multiple PM changes. Not always willing to work with customer

Perceptive IntelliCapture

Very efficient, complex customizations require prof services

Very good product, a lot of ownership changes make navigation of support difficult at times. Overseas development presents some challenges for engineering support. Very fast and efficient product for document processing and OCR.

Lexmark ECM

Lexmark Content Implementation.

Implementation went well. Early use is proving to be very successful.