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Oracle WebCenter Content

Webcenter Content with Portal

Initially had issues with integrating with Webcenter Portal. Most of the time would loose the connectivity to Portal. Had to restart all the servers to make it back to normal again.

Oracle WebCenter Content

WebCenter Content - Secure and Flexible

WebCenter Content manangement provides AD integrated security using AD roles and security groups and thats a huge benefits for content security, access and authorization. It is has a web and desktop client which makes it easier for access and data sync.

Oracle WebCenter Content

Solid product for document/image management

Oracle WebCenter Content provided us a solid foundation to store HR documents in a version controlled document repository with search and metadata tagging functionality

Oracle WebCenter Content

Mature product with necessary features. Confusing product roadmap and vision.

Product is a solid, mature content management system. Many 3rd parties are available to provide implementation assistance. The product roadmap is confusing and unclear. Oracle does not have a strong vision for the future of this platform.

Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent working relationship with our vendors.

Oracle WebCenter Content

Implementation was bumpy at first, but smoothed out over time

Oracle has been helpful in getting the system installed and configured correctly. At first it was a little difficult to get product support, but they may have been due to my lack on understanding of how their support model is. Once the tickets were created and assigned correctly, the support staff has been very helpful. Usually get a response back on the same day or first thing following morning. It is also nice that they let you know who is assigned to the ticket and where they are located timezone wise, so I can have a certain amout of expectaction on responsed from them.

Oracle Documents Cloud Service

"implementation has been successful, but needs some follow up

We have had success with Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite, Oracle WebCenter Content

Proven Product but Quality is Going down; Hard to Get Issues Resolve from Oracle Support

Oracle WebCenter Content is a mature product. It has been in the market for 16+ years. It used to be Stellent product which was acquired by Oracle. We feel that in in last few years, innovation in this area has slowed down. Seems like Oracle is more focused on cloud document managment versus on-premise content managment software. Since Oracle acquire many companies and busineses every year, we feel that Oracle's qualify of support and bug fixes has gone down. For us it has been very hard to get appropriate support enginner from Oracle. Any bug resolution or issue resolution takes a long time. Also the knowledge and experience of Oracle's Software Engineers seem to be low. When we had webex or conference with them to resolve issues, they seem to have very less experince. It is probably becuase of brain-drain in that area. Oracle will server its customers better if it hires and retains very smart and knowledgebale developers and also hires talended support engineers.

Oracle WebCenter Content

Difficulty at every step!

Oracle changed the planned course of their products throughout the life of this implementation. Licensing negotiations were extremely difficult. Oracle would complete the signed contract only to tell us that a product we would depend on was not part of the license package. We are still fighting with them on this. We were required to bring evidence to bear in support of our position. Implementation was more difficult in our environment than any other product I have brought to service. At all points, we had the impression that nothing we were doing had ever been done before. Our implementation seemed to be used as a test case.

Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite, Oracle WebCenter Content

implementation was easy

the product is very powerful. however, it need to be enhcanced since the complixity of this software make out life in IT diffecult. Users complains about the complexity of the software. but we beliave that at the end will have the benifest out of it.