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Xerox DocuShare, Xerox Mortgage Services/BlitzDocs

Vendor had the expertise to perform what was needed in the timeframe set

Overall it was a good experience although some of the resources that worked for the vendor were not as customer oriented as I thought they should be being that they were the employee.

Xerox DocuShare

A solid tool if working with a strong VAR

The product itself had a robust feature set and provided the capability to create custom workflow to automate manual tasks. Xerox only works through third-party vendors, and the provider we worked with gave a poor initial implementation approach. Had they taken some time to understand our business model and anticiapted volume they would likely have recommended the approach we ultimately moved to after investing significant time and resources into the implementation. The end result still proided the much needed visibility into work and the workflow capbabilities needed.

Xerox DocuShare

Easy to implement and maintain. Perfect for document storage which is what we use it for.

Works well for what we use it for. Very good tech support.