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What are Enterprise Legal Management Solutions?

The market for enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions consists of vendors offering preintegrated technologies to manage a broad range of legal department operations and workflows. Products in this market are sold to in-house legal departments as single solutions or integrated suites that support legal department operations and multiple workflows. The solutions support at least some of legal e-billing control, legal matter management, contract life cycle management, IP management, e-discovery, legal entity management, risk management, and compliance and oversight capabilities.

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"Add an immediate or long term benefits to your legal management framework"

Ireland based one of the first companies to apply machine learning and AI to create an integrated Enterprise Level Legal Management Platform covering end to end legal operations such as service requests management, budgeting, forecasting, tracking legal terms and matters, invoice collation, review and streamlining internal workflows, reporting/analytics etc. This was specifically used by our General counsel team in UK while establishing a project on legal entities operations and governance. This tool was previously call LegalShine.

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"Adaptive and efficient legal management solution"

It is one of the widely used legal enterprise platform solutions which saves most of the project time and efficiency. E-billing, financial management, and workflow automation offer many flexible solutions.

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"Simple and intelligent solution for legal management"

Organizational legal management is one of the key elements for managing to outsource income and social activities. All the software needed legal aid for the delivery and after-market sales.

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