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Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Connect AP130 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point

Aerohive has built an AP for pervasive Wi-Fi prepared for ultra-high density environments, powerful enough to provide all the services needed for an enterprise network, and inexpensive enough to deploy for ultra-high capacity networks. The AP130 combines 2x2, 2-stream, 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology and advanced security and device lifecycle management together into a cost-optimized solution that allows you to deploy high speed Wi-Fi into every office or classroom.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Initial experience was frustrrating, but in the end the units are rockstars

Initially the units came with the wrong DNS server specified so you couldn't configure AP's. Then we had some devices that needed support to get them to register with the hive manager NG. There was some buggy firmware that seems to have been rectified. We did trace down an issue where Iphone users phones would repeatedly request DHCP the repeated requests caused issues for ther rest of the wireless users. Since impplementing a work around the experience has been rock solid,

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Aerohive is a great choice for wireless coverage

Aerohive has been a great company to work with. The sales team and the support team have been knowledgeable and ready to tackle any issues that may arise.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Aerohive - Wireless that works

Overall Experience has been good, depending on what tech you get you may have to deal with them trying to troubleshoot issues over email or some may actually call. Overall they do get the issues resolved with our devices.


Easy to use central system with API's

Easy to use management / monitoring system with possibility to use API's.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Aerohive is easy to deploy and troubleshoot

I have always enjoyed aerohive products and there ease of deployment

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Easy implementation, good products, good support.

We have been Aerohive customers since 2010. We recently brought a new High School online and decided it was a good time to upgrade our wireless infrastructure. We opened bidding and received competitive offers from Aruba and Aerohive. Aerohive was very aggressive with their bid to keep us as customers. So far we have had a very smooth implementation. Hive Manager NG is visually a nice platform that provides a lot of valuable information at a glance. Support has been very responsive to any questions or problems and is readily available. My only real hangup with Hivemanager NG is that we are running an on-premises version of the Hivemanager NG which does not seem to get as much attention as the cloud version of Hivemanager NG.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Deployment and management makes this solution worth it.

The management and implementation was not very difficult. Challenges with support have come and gone.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Excellent implementation, maintenance renewal costs on the high side

The product has worked very well. Support is excellent when needed and setup/adjustments are intuitive.

Aerohive HiveManager NG Network Management

Easy set up and management

It is important to get a vendor you trust that has implemented the solution before. It worked very well with the JAMF CasperSuite