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overall a good fit

Good for the purpose

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Good is not Great

Good for Enterprise is a fairly acceptable product. there are issues when GOOd is not responding. the only thing to do is remove and reload the app.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Good for Enterprise is rock solid and well supported.

The on-premise solution was crucial, and this solution was completely so. It enabled full management across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). It was easy to delegate the adds/moves/changes management to a non-technical resource. Back-end integration with Exchange was not trivial but well documented. We are pleased with the product. We have multiple international travelers, and they have very few issues with Good delivering content anywhere in the world. Support was very good during the initial setup.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service (Legacy)

Work Space Only Android setup rolled out, with some headaches. Replacing legacy BBOS.

Have rolled out a Work Space Only setup for android devices and have had some issues but able to work through them with support from Blackberry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service (Legacy)

BEST for security

knowledgable... but perhaps a bit hands off.

Good Secure EMM Suite

OK for mail and calendar, internet browsing and file share access more tricky

Works good for mail and calendar. Access to websites and file shares is more difficult. Some issues with product registration and single sign on. Improvemen roadmap not as agile as hoped.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Implementation was easy - end users adapted very well.

Overall, the product does exactly what it's supposed to do. Corporate email/calendar/contacts are delivered in a secure fashion. We have been informed that the GFE product will be phased out in order to promote and concentrate development on the Good Work application suite. Good Work takes the Good Enterprise offering to a new level in my opinion - combing the best of Good Dynamics and GFE into a single product line.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Solution is easy and intuitive. Very quick adoption rate leading to a successful roll-out.

In general the product and experience went well. The platform is pretty straight forward, but there were a few technical snags.

Good Secure Mobility Solution (Legacy)

Good/Blackberry Transition is Not Good

We are not normally on the bleeding edge of technology but needed to update our EMM solution. This move was an "upgrade" from GFE but turned out to be much riskier due in large part to the underlying change to BES 12.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

The app is functional, but it's not possible to see the details of the meetings.