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BlackBerry Enterprise Service (Legacy)

Converting and setting up was very easy

The two best functions of a BES are the PIM sync and wireless backups. The BES does an entire consistent backup of your device; including fonts, messages, phone call logs, password keeper, and icon locations. So if you lose your device or need to wipe it, the SQL database on the BES will push all this data back to your handheld.


Blackberry's UEM still has kinks to work out.

My company have been loyal Blackberry customers for numerous years. While acknowleding that Blackberry is going through a transformation of their own at the moment, unfortunately our experience working with their support organization to work out bugs and issues upgrading, deploying and using the UEM product to meet our requirements has been a challenge.


Blackberry is back

Good progression

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Bought one thing, got something else that didn't work at all.

We were in desperate need of an MDM solution and had finally gotten approval for funding. when we finally made our decision and finalized the purchase, we were really happy with our decision. less than two months later, we were told about the acquisition and the new product we would have to use, which didn't meet our requirements.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Provides Good security for a financial institution

Not the best choice for Apple devices, but works well enough.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Good support is less than "good"

When there is an issue getting support from the Good/Blackberry technical team is worse than the issue our outage your are facing.


overall a good fit

Good for the purpose

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Good is not Great

Good for Enterprise is a fairly acceptable product. there are issues when GOOd is not responding. the only thing to do is remove and reload the app.

Good for the Enterprise (Legacy)

Good for Enterprise is rock solid and well supported.

The on-premise solution was crucial, and this solution was completely so. It enabled full management across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). It was easy to delegate the adds/moves/changes management to a non-technical resource. Back-end integration with Exchange was not trivial but well documented. We are pleased with the product. We have multiple international travelers, and they have very few issues with Good delivering content anywhere in the world. Support was very good during the initial setup.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service (Legacy)

Work Space Only Android setup rolled out, with some headaches. Replacing legacy BBOS.

Have rolled out a Work Space Only setup for android devices and have had some issues but able to work through them with support from Blackberry.