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Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Efficient All-In-One Solution

Overall, the service has been great. We have engaged with tech support several times and have had minimal issues with 100% issue completion rate. Initially we had security issues, but that has since been resolved. Overall a great product. We are looking forward to expanding with their new video component. Works well in k-12 educational institutions where only one IT specialist is on hand.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

using the dashboard

I love being able to see everything without having to SSH in anymore! Visuals are great!


Excellent Cloud-Based Network Appliances

This was the first cloud-based appliance that we deployed in an enterprise environment. I really like the ease of deployment, availability of new features, and configurable options.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Meraki is great for home or small business use, not adaptable for Large Corporations.

Licensing is a little steep in terms of cost, not sizeable for large corporations in terms of BYOD or guest registration.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Meraki - Systems Manager - Own your environment

Some features are missing. It does seem like a closed environment where you can only use Meraki products.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Meraki makes Cisco friendly

Always use N+1. In other words, if you have all of your switches as the same model, order a spare and have it at the ready. Meraki equipment is not as prevalent as Cisco equipment for replacement. Our nearest physical warehouse is an hour and a half away whereas our nearest Cisco provider would be ten minutes down the road.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Great setup to roll out to users and features are easy to use

Review different BYOD platforms before making the decision. A lot of products offer different features.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Was easy to deploy and to work with clients

Great experince. Provide tech knowledge

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Cisco Meraki Wifi integration

Easy to setup and easy to manage.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Cisco Device Management

The overall deployment went rather well. However, there was a bit more of a learning curve as compared to other solutions. There was also a bit more of a setup process and more of a learning curve for after deploment management.