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Implementation of XenDesktop drastically improves efficiency and reduces support

Citrix XenDesktop has worked extremely well in our environment and allowed us to manage several hundres computers at multiple locations with a minimal amount of on-site IT support. In our largest location, we reduced the support staff from six individuals to two and the bulk of their work now is focused on areas other than desktop support and updates. The update process has also been improved dramatically. We used to have to spend a great deal of time scripting updates and testing them, then when we rolled out the updates it required manual effort at each node. With XenDesktop, we update the "golden" image and test it, then roll it out to all other computers with a simple reboot.


XenDesktop review

Citrix is the defacto company for virtual desktop infrastructure technology. They have a rich and mature product set. I have used and implemented Citrix products since the days of Metaframe Presentation Server. As the product has matured, the implentation/installation process has become easier. Overall product management is easier. The prodcut is very reliable. Issues are usually caused by general hardware failures.

XenDesktop, XenMobile

Virtual Environments allow our firm endless scalability and mobility.

The overall technology is strong, but architecture tends be a bit unstable at times. Our scalability and remote capabilities are where we would like them at this point. We are saving money both on hardware and office space as we can provide full telework capabilities at this point.


Implementation was easy but still have limitation on mobile workers

Few tricks and tips that limited for sales users or mobile users that using ipad or iphone.


Implementation was easy, but requires adequate planning and collaboration.

The initial implementation did not go well, but that was due to our lack of understanding the invidual user use cases. After working with Citrix and having a much clearer and better understanding of the needs of end users; we were able to augment our deployment and increase the performance and stability. This lack of understanding led to countless hours of productivity lost by end users and rework for the infrastructure teams.


stright forward implementation

Great experience with this vendor.


Citrix Xendesktop VDI

A lot of bugs, performance suffers at times

XenMobile MDM

Implementation was easy but stabilization has been hard

The implementation went well but the product has not been stable since we went live in production in Q1 2016. Each time we update certificates for example, parts of the system (either iOS or Android users) will stop receiving emails or in some cases new users cannot join. When it is running it works well, but the product is very sensitive to any changes in our environment. The vendor support is getting better but at times we are still switched between technical support teams when we open tickets. Overall, I would say that the product is not as mature as we originally thought based on our previous experience with Citrix.


Citrix Xenapp with PVS

Citrix Xenapp using Provisioning Services has streamlined our deployment and simplified administration.


Citrix is a great solution to handle multiple platform endpoints

Great solution and good to work with