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Google Apps for Work

Fantastic EMM and can be implemented at any size business

Great EMM and very scalable. Easy to use and share, collaborate and integrate with other services. A great tool for any organisation and easy to manage.

Google Apps for Work

Implementation as expected... adoption a huge challenge in distributed, non-hierarch org

I did not have first-level interaction with them.

Google Apps for Work

Simple to implement...great collaboration...not quite a substitute for Microsoft Office

Simple to implement

Google Apps for Work

Our Google Cloud Migration

Overall our migration of the cloud email and productivity apps has gone pretty well. At first Google Sheets was a bit primitive but they have continued to improve it. Syncing things from our Active Directory ocassionally becomes trickey but for the most part it's pretty stable. The only real complaint is the rather limited ability to search email logs when troubleshooting an email problem.

Google Apps for Work

MDM works well, but EMM needs significant work to become Enterprise ready.

Limited options to deploy/enforce Apps. Google MDM runs well and provides the basic MDM functionality at no extra cost, but EMM is still weak. Some limitations on pushing security configs (WiFi). Not able to admin define access to devices by Google OU (e.g. for reset). Not able to deploy/whitelist Apps by OU.

Google Apps for Work

Onboarding is simple, but additional features would make a better end user experience.

Vendor has been very helpful in guiding us through best practices and known issues if any, also answering questions when they come up.

Google Apps for Work

Support for newer devices is fantastic but there is no support for pre-Marshmallow devices.

Overall am happy with the integrated MDM offering.


Implementation was easy with simple user experience.

Simple User Experience. Level of availability.

Google Apps for Work

Implementation was easy. More features would be helpful.

Have been very happy to date with Google MDM. There is no added cost, it is low maintenance and easy to use.