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Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

Implementation was easy but product could use more polish.

Overall, the product is good enough. Microsoft is constantly adding features that make it better; however, at times there are issues we are finding and being told that it is coming in a future release. This can make the product feel like a beta product released as production. We moved from an older Mobile Iron implementation and have found that Intune works but could be more polished. If it was not for an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, I do not think we would have chosen Intune.


InTune organization wide

Overall the experience of rollout when smooth, but user experience was not optimized. We had some challenges around training and adaptation to change. Bug fixes caused some delays in rollout to some users, which caused us to extend our old solution for an additional 6 months. We still deal with some lack of functionality.


Incorporation of Entrust still pending

Still unable to get Entrust to function with the Microsoft e-mail system


Overall a strong MDM but additional features would make it more appealing.

Overall the service works well, albeit a more limited service than other providers in the market. We also recieve adequate support from MS.


Know what InTune does before deciding to implement.

Overall Microsoft InTune is a little difficult to get going especially when working with Apple iOS as they have their own unique challenges when a device is iCloud locked or an account is not registered correctly. From the InTune end we found management to be simple once the foundation was laid out with an overwhelming number of customizable options to manage our field devices.

Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

Implementation was pretty straight forward

Self enrollment and documentation was well done. Internal integration with SSMS was lacking.


Implementation was seamless, management took some time to work through.

Initial testing and implementation were very well planned out.


Setup was minimal and rollout out was easy. Integration with out services was key.

Microsoft helped us with this implementation and the overall planning and rollout. They were always willing to help in anyway possible when needed.


Straight forward and well supported

Overall configuring, testing, and deploying Intune has been a much smoother and straight forward process than any other mdm we have attempted.


Easy implementation

Easy onboarding, didn't use much for implementation but the documentation was solid to assist our internal efforts.