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Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

EMS capabilities address our main mobile business requirements


Enterprise Mobility Suite

Implementation was easy but needs more reference guide

Implementation and end user services were seemless; easy to follow


Easy implementation

This solution has been extremely easy to provision and get set up, less than 1 day for a POC to get stood up.

Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

Fastrack help with implementation is excellent

Plan how you will implement the product, being sure to setup your enrollment polices before enrolling devices. Also have a view of how the to place the devices into the various created groups.


Very efficient deployment with a few caveats

Overall very satisifed with this offering from Microsoft. It is an important part of our compliance strategy. Enrollment is fairly straight forward.The only issue we have faced is that Intune creates it's own Outlook Web app policies that we did not explicity put into place. These policies affected some of the apps which our users have and it was difficult to find where the policies were hiding.Additionally, it seems as though Microsoft plans on making a new intune portal only on Azure. This portal shows many more groups than the current Intune console does.


Implementation fairly easy, but better documentation needed.

Easy to implement, navagation of the Intune console takes some getting use to, fairly straight forward once you have played with the console enough.

Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

The main objectives - devices and application management have been achieved

The implementation occurred within the expectation, what we´ve defined as scope (MDM / MAM / Authentication / Reverse Proxy) was achieved. The solution is very simple to manage.

Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

Implementation was easy

Have had a good experience.


Intune for Mobile Device Management, not ready for prime time.

InTune is a product that I do not think is ready to be used for managing mobile devices. Microsoft seems to be in transition from the older version to a newer version and it is very confusing as to what version you need for what part you are trying to do. The software is not very intuitive, and permissions with our on Premise AD were tough to get worked out.

Enterprise Mobility Suite, Intune

Implementation was easy but product could use more polish.

Overall, the product is good enough. Microsoft is constantly adding features that make it better; however, at times there are issues we are finding and being told that it is coming in a future release. This can make the product feel like a beta product released as production. We moved from an older Mobile Iron implementation and have found that Intune works but could be more polished. If it was not for an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, I do not think we would have chosen Intune.