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Poor experience with Afaria

It has been a struggle to configure and maintain this product. Updates are burdensome. Configuration is lacking. Features are few.


Easy to use, inexpensive MDM solution.

Product is very intuitive and easy to setup. We were able to leverage our existing SAP relationship to start deploying SAP mobile applications.


Getting started took some time, but once we got going, it was smooth sailing.

We use Afaria as our MDM solution to secure all of our mobile technology. They've got a lot of the features we were looking for, like encryption, remote management, and real time monitoring.


Technical support is not fast enough and the product don't evolve with the market

The on-premise solution does not fulfill the actual needs.


Update frequency is too low for on premise, support are not really experts on the product.

Product is not really up to date in terms of features. We have the feeling that the product is not really in the priority list of the vendor.


Management of devices is good, but difficulty with secure email client as a substitute for native iOS client.

The product met most of our needs. Limitations were most often due to the restrictions Apple places on device control.