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Next Generation Firewall

Implementation is complex in hybrid environment, but works perfectly well after that

The product and performance of the device are always best in the industry, however, we had the tough time in migrating the services to the checkpoint and stabilize the services. In terms of support, there were challenges since there was no TAC support in India. This has been improved and getting very good support. Checkpoint is one of the leaders in NGFW segment and is preferred over advanced threats segment.


Solid Performance

Very professional installation

Next Generation Firewall

Check Point Technical Support Needs to Improve.

Check Point technical support needs to improve.

Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition (vSEC), Next Generation Firewall

VNET Azure deployment - Take your time

We deployed CheckPOint VNEt in the Azure cloud but it felt like we were the first customer doing it. There were some contridicting designs but we finally got through it with Check Point support

Next Generation Firewall

Cafefull planning can yield great success.

Carefull planning led to a function/device by device replacement. The method proved very successful with little to no downtime.

Next Generation Firewall, R80 Security Management

Implementation was easy and very user-friendly, risk free device

Overall very user-friendly device and more than anything its stable and flexible to use. Technically implementation is neat and simple.

Next Generation Firewall

No comparable Next Generation firewalls exist on the market.

With my 25+ years in IT and 16 years being Check Point customer have seen many want-to-be next generation firewalls and found no even close comparison to Check Point Next Generation firewalls and management solutions.

Next Generation Firewall

Initial configuration can take a while to sort out, but works great when completed.

Experience with Check Point products and company has been good -- the training and support from the Check Point team is better than any of the vendors I've used in the past (Cisco, Fortinet, SonicWALL). NGFW management is a bit different than any of the other firewalls I've used. Glad to see that they have added abiility to granularly control which features are turned on/off for an ACL in R80, everyone else has been doing that for a while. Some features can be confusing to implement (NAT on Check Point is just weird). All of that said, once configured the product runs as expected. VPNs between Checkpoint devices are simple to configure and manage. Haven't had the hardware or firmware problems with CP that I had with other vendors (Fortinet specifically seemed to have never-ending issues). Logging/analysis out of the box is better than other products I've used, and tools like "cpview" make troubleshooting a historical moment in time much easier.

Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition (vSEC), Next Generation Firewall, SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

All products work as advertised and keeps our maintenance overhead low

The Check Point product line works extremely well. It takes some getting used to but once you know it, everything else is easy.

Next Generation Firewall, SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

Very Satisfied With Management and Threat Prevention

Very easy to manage all of the security featues from one place. We also use their SIEM product, NGSE, which makes identifying and correlating events very streamlined. This gives us the ability to quickly investigate threats and make decisions without having to look in multiple places. NGSE is also very good at creating reports that are very useful in making business decisions and investigating incidents.