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Better than Cisco.

SonicWall makes great products at great pricepoints.


SonicWall Network Security

Configuring the NSA is pretty straightforward for an IT person, but I would recommend taking the time to a class. There are many capabilities you may not know.


Sonicwall NSA does the job

I appreciate Sonicwall's dedication to securing our networks and keeping threats at bay. The NSA series is robust enough to handle the traffic from our 150+ users and 250+ devices, but affordable enough to avoid making a dent in our budget.


Turn Key Industrial Strength Firewall/Router for Small Businesses

Good service. I needed a turn-key security solution and Sonicwall provided that.


Make sure licenses are balanced in the HA environment.

When Sonicwall was bought by Dell, we did have some support issues. We also setup HA with our datacenter firewalls -- for some reason the SSL-VPN licenses separated and one system though we only had 2. A failover occurred, and most of our mobile fleet couldn't log in.


Took longer to deliver than to deploy

Whilst within Dell the SonicWall product range sat uneasily, with confused channel delivery and a lack of confidence from the Dell team handling this in the UK. Now they have moved away from Dell there is an improvement in comms and technical understanding as well as improved confidence in the product suite.


Long lasting product, but hard to maintain

It worked well, hard to maintain


Great deployment experience using advanced hardware appliance.

Deployment went smooth with no glitches. Easy to use software management.


Implementation made easy

implementation of security services and high availability are great. The interface is easy to manuever and understand what is going on. Working with Support was a bit challenging but they were able to help me when needed.