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Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall

Strong and proven reliable product

The Stonegate family of firewalls have performed reliably for us. We've also had excellent customer support from the vendor. They are there with us when trouble arises to help resolve issues. They are also there for us proactively in planning for future endeavors.

Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall

Firewall and IDS for the future at great costs savings

The vendor provided not only a tecnnically superior product but also unparalleled support

Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall

Forcepoint Stonegate firewall: Secure, Simple to use, Feature rich

Forcepoint’s Stonegate firewall solution provides centralized management for our 50+ firewalls across the globe. Deploying software upgrades and policy changes have never been so simple, select the firewalls to upgrade and push the policy, done. Active/active clustering provides flexibility to upgrade firewalls during business hours without disruption. Having multiple circuit connections prevents business disruption during circuit outages. Together, active/active clustering and multiple circuit connections provides 100% availability. Dynamic network and host updates for groups such as Microsoft’s O365 is a life saver is you use cloud services. Customer focus from implementation to support is far above all other vendors I’ve worked with in the past.

Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall

Great features (console, multilink, security), especially for large deployment

Best Management console on the market (administration, role segregation, firewall policy management, etc.). Only firewall solution providing multilink/hybrid network (MPLS+VPN). Great level of security (AET/IPS/etc.) with good price. The latest hardware released (NGFW 110 and 115) have finally many interfaces and are great for small sites. The acquisition with Intel Security did not improve much and we are not looking at Forcepoint integration features much. But the product remains amazing with its unique features compared to other vendors. Product stability is probably the weakest point but we also faced software bugs with other vendors as well. As the product is less commun on the market, it is harder to find subcontractors to help when needed.

Forcepoint Sidewinder

Want to be secure? Buy a firewall. W ant to KNOW you are secure? Buy a Sidewinder. Done.

The only firewall NEVER compromised in use. The highest level of functionality available in this type of device including flawless failover. Timely software updates that don't fail or break things. The BEST tech support EVER, better even than Cisco TAC. Performance levels meant the firewall was literally invisible to users. The only product I ever used that did EVERYTHING it was sold to do, and did it well.