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FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Simple yet Complex

Security is the best , but user freindly environment is not there...

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Implementation went as expected with minimal surprises.

Our most recent Fortigate deployment consisted of a pair of 1500D units in a high availibility cluster. Overall the deployment went well and our expectations were met. My team has great familiarity with the product and fortinet's support which lead to a fairly seamless implementation.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Great product, performs well and has good functionality.

While there was a learning curve with a new vendor and new product, the product has excelled in it's performance and functionality. We are extremely happy with the additinal insight into our environment (end user usage, threats being protected from, etc) which we never had before.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Implementation went smooth with the help of System Engineer

I had a great Rep and System Engineer that helps us make our decision to stay with Fortinet.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Fortinet is a good product with many capabilities.

Fortinet Is a very versatile product. Upon the initial call with them, we realize that they were the only manufacturer to have a product that does everything we were looking for (4g failover, 2 factor, web proxy, etc.). As with all the other manufacturers, they stated that their products are capable of performing SSL interception, 3rd party 2-factor authentication, centralized management, zero-day sandboxing and protection, 4G failover, great analytics and intrusion detection and prevention (IPD/IDS). However, unlike the other manufacturers, they can do everything in-house. During testing of the devices, we had numerous issues for the first 2 weeks of the POC. The majority of the issues was due to misconfiguration of the firewall and Fortimanager along with bugs in the new release of the Fortimanager. Reconfiguring the firewalls and reinstalling the Fortimanager resolved all our issues. When the firewalls and manager were working it performed great. The Fortimanger was very easy to use and it gave us great information. It aided in finding an infected device on our network and gave us great analytics with very few false positives. Although we were able to get all the features we requested configured and working by week four we still had issues with logging into the firewalls using LDAP The Fortinet firewalls and Manager are great products. They gave us the best UI and analytics but their product is difficult to configure and new releases are buggy.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall, FortiSandbox

Good once it works, but expect technical issues to solve along the way

The product has pretty good accuracy at recognising security threats and good functionality but has had numerous technical issues and hurdles to overcome to make it operational. The support from Fortinet pre- and post- sales was poor. Even simple requests, like getting registered for training after purchase, required an escalation and a two-week delay.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Our implementation went flawlessly and Fortinet's sales team was available the whole time.

Sales reps were responsive and knowledgeable. Sales engineers took a personal interest in making sure our onboarding went smoothly. We have open communication and solid relationships with our sales rep and the sales engineer. Our sales rep always intercedes on our behalf when we have any issues.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Great product, support and TCO.

Sales and support staff have been pretty good so far. The products are reliable and TCO is very appealing. Wish sales staff was more engaged

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Quick and Easy

The implementation process was very smooth and consistent. We were able to configure, deploy, and manage very quickly and improving our services over existing technologies.

FortiGate - Enterprise Firewall

Forigate 90D site-to-site VPN

We had a larger Fortigate in the office and wanted to try using the 90D units to create site-to-site secure VPN between headquarters and home base. We found the 90D and implemented that pretty effortlessly. Fortinet was very helpful when we needed them.