Palo Alto Networks

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PA-3000 Series

Implementation was flawless and overall experience is great

Implementation in our organization was flawless. Overall experience with the product is excellent. Customer support is very responsive and knowledgeable. We have not had any major issue with the product since implementation.

PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500

Palo Alto good things and drawbacks

What has worked well is define standardized rules that can be deployed everywhere based on user-id and applications and update the rules thanks to native reporting. However, at the beginning, we have encountered issues a with the GUI and commit which were slows. We have encountered issues too with packet per seconds which were not aligned with the global performance.


Global Protect might not fit too well.

Global Protect provides access to the internal network while you are away. The setup is very demanding, to say the least, you can opt to remember your settings, but if you change your password on the network without caching in your new password on your laptop, it can be a nightmare. The nightmare starts when your account gets locked up because your old password is stored by you opting to remember you the credential. Do yourself a favor and don't opt to remember your settings. You would need to provide your password each time you log in, but it is not too much. If your account is locked by Global Protect, the default time to release is 3 hours. That is not including your AD account status. Once you get through the hurdle, the VPN side is easy to connect and enjoyable thereafter.

GlobalProtect, PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500, Panorama, WildFire

Implementation is not difficult.

The support is great, and the account manager is very helpful.

PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500, PA-5000 Series, PA-7050, VM Series

Good management product

So far, we're able to evolve the department to a mature model. Especially from a reporting standpoint, its convenient to demonstrate to nontechnical user the value behind it.

PA-5000 Series, Panorama, WildFire

Smooth implementation

The pair of Palo Alto firewalls are working as designed to handle our business needs now with room to grow.


If you are looking at PA, adding this layer of security is close to a no-brainer

We deployed the technology as a replacement for an existing tool as well adding new capabilities to our existing infrastructure. Setup was quick, pretty straightforward and worked as expected.

PA-5000 Series

Implementation and use is easy, price structure could use some work.

We have had some turnoveer in SE's and salespeople, I believe due to a restructure. With that said the transistion has not been bad and the product is rock solid.


Implementation was straightforward, but some features were not very intuitive

Software/product works well. The licensing has been somewhat spotty and cumbersome. The support has been slow to respond, but good once they do. Implementation was straightforward, but some features were not very intuitive, like VPN gateway functionality.

PA-3000 Series

Enterprise quality device. Needs better customer relations to realize potential of device

Good product. Good support. Very little marketing for what else platform can (or should) be doing for us.