Palo Alto Networks

4.6 out of 5.0 (64 ratings)
62 Verified Reviews

PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500, PA-5000 Series

Expensive products but great technology.

Palo Alto sales team and engineering were extremely supportive, knowlegeable and easy to work with. Their prodcuts are expensive, however.

GlobalProtect, PA-500

Product works but its not easy to set-up and is noisy

Good product, Complicated to set-up, train staff on. Support is OK. Product is expensive - not sure how well its rally protecting us.

VMware ESXi and NSX and vCloud Air

Proven product scales well into the virtual cloud environment.

Palo Alto does an amazing job of delivering a 1st class firewall and being able to back the technologies with a sound support team. The VM version gave us a way to access our cloud resources directly as if another arm of the network as well as providing visibility and control not offered by VMware's cloud services.

PA-5000 Series

Palo Alto is an excellent firewall; way ahead of its peers.

The device itself works wonderfully and working with Palo Alto itself is a good experience. Having to use a third party vendor for implementation and support is not so great.

GlobalProtect, PA-200, PA-500, PA-7050

Implementation was good and product meets our requirements

Very good the devices worked as expected

PA-3000 Series

Palo Alto Firewalls

Palo Alto is a great solution that met all of our business needs for perimeter firewall security protection

PA-3000 Series

Implementation was smooth, and technical support flawless.

Our organization was looking to take advantage of emerging technologies within the next generation firewall market. We had attempted to work through an unsuccessful implementation with a different vendor and product for just over a year which resulted in service disruptions and a negative impression of the security implementation by IT throughout the business units. Through research, including Gartner peer reviews, we selected Palo Alto to replace our existing boundary firewalls with the implementation of URL filtering, Intrusion Prevention, GlobalProtect VPN and SSL Decryption (this was our major pain point with the previous vendor). The transition to the PA-3060s was virtually seamless. We experienced 0 downtime during cutover, implemented SSL Decryption with very few exemptions required. in the very few instances where Palo Alto support has been contacted over the last 18 months, their response time has been rapid and resolution has been quick.

GlobalProtect, PA-500

Easy to implement, rock solid.

Support has been great, and product works flawlessly.

PA-3000 Series

Innovative and Stable firewall which could use some reporting refinement

The firewall has performed very well for us. We are pleased with its throughput capabilities and overall stability. We also like using the GUI interface and have needed very little in the way of command line functionality. On the negative side, the reporting doesn't seem to be very intuitive and we are still familiarizing with how to best accomplish our reporting goals through the device.


Product is impressive, Mac client being improved

Palo Alto Global Protect allows us to create always-on VPN for our entire organization. This greatly increases our security posture. The product does a great job of combining security with a good user experience, such as caching credentials for a period of time to prevent constant logins. We did hit a few snags with the Mac client, which we worked with Palo Alto to solve. Upgraded versions and config changes were required to fix our issue.