Palo Alto Networks

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PA-3000 Series

Palo Alto Networks elevated our security posture right to where we wanted it.

We are extremely happy with both the new firewalls, as well as the overall quality of service and expertise that we received from Palo Alto Networks Professional Services. We needed to improve our security posture, as well as retire some old firewalls that were about to go out of support. We were also looking forward to an upcoming implementation of VMWare NSX, and Palo Alto's set of features dovetailed perfectly into all three requirements. Not only are we getting best-of-breed technology, but we can simplify various security functions with this new opportunity for integration. We engaged with their professional services for the implementation, and we are thoroughly impressed with the level of skill we received. Both our assigned project manager and implementation engineer were well seasoned in implementations like ours and were able to accomplish the conversion with a minimal headache.


Implementation was time consuming but successful

Excellent collaboration and teamwork

PA-200, PA-500, Panorama

Featureful, scalable and very easy to configure and manage but lacks hardware stability

The product is ihghly scalable and have integrated with many OEMs like Proofpoint, FireEye etc. using APIs. The Wildfire platform is unparalleled in the industry and and many service providers prefer integrating with it Our key reason to purchase and standardize on this product was its solid easy of configuration, management and maintenance. We are running all features i.e. Wildfire, Threat subscriptions, URL filtering with no performance impact


Reliable, reasonably priced and well designed product

Easy to implement VPN with 2 factor auth for a very reasonable rate. I love hardware that is easy to deploy and requires little maintenenace to keep it going and the Palo Alto doesn't disappoint in these areas.

PA-200, PA-5000 Series

Implementation was relatively easy.

Content filter options is little better than none at all. Needs big improvement in categorization and reporting in order to compete with the big guys.

PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500, Panorama

Next Gen Fun with ease of management with Panorama

Tranining available online, After achiveing thier most basic cert (ACE) I felt very confortable with this hardware.

PA-5000 Series

PA 5020 with wildfire

You can replace traditional internet proxy and use inline filtering for internet access. We are also very impressed with the threat protection we get with autofocus and ProofPpoint advanced threat protection integration.

PA-3000 Series

High performance, rock solid firewall solution for Medium to Large businesses.

ROI could be measured in the first few attacks you prevent. IT leaders rarely include the cost of clean-up and preventative scanning of computers and networks in the ROI of a product purchase. Many IT departments do not understand what the financial impact to a business outage would be, but it's one of the most if not THE most critical ROI that should be calculated. In our company, we have too many users, services, applications, and partners who need 24x7 access to our network and to the Internet to compromise with less technology. I have used Cisco & Sonicwall primarily in most of my 23+ years of network security experience. Over the years all of these platforms have matured, but Palo Alto beats them all in terms of user interface. The ability to run reports, get access to data immediately, and have the data be extremely accurate and granular is what sets Palo Alto apart from the others. Deployment of the VPN client(s) on multiple platforms is simple to manage and doesn't break other applications like many other VPN client software does. The performance of the firewall from a throughput and monitoring standpoint is second to none.


Interface and features outstanding; Need larger model for speed.

The PA-500 model is lacking on response time to the user interface. The internal firewall data flow is sufficient for smaller sites, but configuration and troubleshooting on the local user interface can be frustrating and time consuming on the PA-500, due to the slower processor.

PA-3000 Series

As intuitive as it is powerful. One of the best purchases I've made.

You will get the most out of this product by purchasing additional add-ins. These are not a means to simply generate more revenue - each one of them is useful (we have implemented them all).