Palo Alto Networks

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Palo Alto exceeds CISCO

Excellent Product

GlobalProtect, PA-3000 Series, WildFire

From Presales to notch assistance and performance

Implementation was relatively easy. Presales technical support was excellent. Met all requirements of RFP. Helped with desing of implementation and needs assessment analysis. Technical support during install was very responsive. In fact purchased another smaller uniti as we were completely satisfied with the initial purchase

PA-7050, Panorama

Implementation was easy, some features are difficult leverage

Technical support and problem resolution has been superior. Education and training on the tools and technology has been excellent.

GlobalProtect, PA-200, PA-3000 Series, PA-500

Powerful and easy to use

The Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewall solution was a significant improvement over our previous portfolio of solutions. The only area that has been chalenging creating ipsec VPN tunnels with other vendors' firewalls. For the power and features it's pretty easy to use. Our reseller helped get us started but then we've been able to do subsequent insalltions on our own. I'd like to see better integrated two-factor support with GlobalProtect VPN

GlobalProtect, PA-3000 Series, WildFire

Works well under pressure

Third party vendor worked side by side with my team under a severe time constraint. Met the deadline.

GlobalProtect, PA-500, WildFire

Easy to learn yet powerful

Palo Alto is great tool. It gives us a holistic view of our infrastructure and easily monitor network activities with minial training. With the capability to block threats with Wildfire at firewall level has been a great deal for us.


Palo Alto Wildfire Review

We were interested in improving our risk and exposure to malware and viruses. So far the product seems to be performing well.


Implementation was completed and now we've a 100% secure networks

I don't have details about the process

PA-5000 Series, WildFire

Palo Alto 5550 is the best of breed.

The Palo Alto 5550 is an excellent product. Easy to install and maintain even in a High Availabity configuration. The bundled WildFire security solution is implemented seamlessly. Tech support is first Rate.

PA-3000 Series

Easy instalation and configuration right out of the box.

Products are easy to utilzie and extemely stable. management is easy and intuative.