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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos Mobile

Implementation was smoother compared to previous versions

IBM is very good at working to resolve issues however the size of their organization sometimes results in slow response and complicated processes due to the number of different specialists within their organization and a lack of generalists. Often the IBM product is lacking documentation and new features/functionality are not intuitively available or documented well in the material. This results in a need to consult with IBM often.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Since we are only doing an upgrade, the implementation was smooth.

Cognos 10.2.2 provides some visualization capabilities but is not as user friendly and intuitive as some other tools such as Tableau. However, I find that the support from IBM on Cognos 10.2.2 is not very good. It is hard to find a support person who has deep knowledge of the product.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos BI

IBM is the established player in the BI market space. Have had many success stories with IBM Cognos BI

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Good but not excellent

Good but not excellent, need to much studying.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Good product, concentrate on 3rd party qualification for implementation

Role of the vendor could have been more customer oriented - our need should have come before the product. Some decisions were made on product orientation.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, Other...

Solid Functonality With Outdated User Interface,Does Not Sell

Very inflexible. Not user-friendly.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Upgrade was easy, license compliance not so much

Two sides to IBM - sales and compliance. Sales/support was good but compliance was very difficutlt o work with and milking clients

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Great Expectation

It was supposed to be started with 2 reports. But it began with 1.

Cognos Insight, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Most data professionals will know how to use this.

Too much turnover.

Cognos Insight, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Cognos provides Sabre with analytics insights

IBM has been very responsive.