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Information Builders WebFOCUS

Good vendor. Great stuff coming but fallen behind competition

Pluses: Get access to top people at the company. Confident in scalability. Challenges: Immature enterprise implementation professional services process. A mix of strong and weak resources. Current UX looks dated, requires additional work to get it to deliver the more modern look and feel, especially in an embedded scenario. Good news is they are making the strong commitment to upgrading capabilities so that UX and implementation processes match expectations.

Information Builders WebFOCUS

FedEx Finally Launches New Reporting Application. Looks great but behind schedule!

The product delivers what we needed but it has been challeging for us to implement. Our organisation has specific practices that have made implementing a 3rd party product more difficult for us at times. So, it has taken us more time to implement our solution than we would have liked.

Information Builders WebFOCUS

Robust BI platform but longer to learn and optimize

Relatively robust business intelligence platform that provides the most functionality needed both for internal BI as well as the ability to support client engagements for custom BI and reporting/dashboards needs. Visualisation options in 2014 were not quite as compelling as similar offerings from Tableau but overall satisfied with the solution.

Information Builders WebFOCUS

Bleeding edge lacks support.

Product was lacking and we went outside the box. It has been hard to receive timely support.

Information Builders WebFOCUS

Implementation was successful and quick, great vendor partner.

Vendor has skilled staff able to assists us in a tight timeframe. Expertise in our market as well as deep technical expertise. Training was thorough and valuable. Internal Data Analysts were unable to produce their results in the time originally projected but I thought that their estimate for time to market was unrealistic.

Information Builders WebFOCUS

Product has great potential but may take a bit of work to implement what is needed.

The product has great potential, however when implementing it can be difficult. They do have a good Help Desk option and lots of documentation and training material that has helped for leaning the tool and developing in it.