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MicroStrategy Version 10

With Microstrategy 10.x MSTR BI is once again worth exploring as your BI tool

My company is using microstrategy clous seevice for couple of years now and though we were pretty happy and satisfied with overalll enterprise reporting needs and delivery using microstrategy however it lagged strong and easy use of data visualization capabilities like other BI vendor prior to upgrade to version 10. However after upgrade to version 10 last year our selfservice BI capabilities have enhanced a lot and users are very happy with application and selfservice capabilities. Also microstrategy is now coming up with new product enhancement and releases more frequently and these are easy to apply and upgrade so does not require longer or nearly no downtime if planned well using offhours to updrage.

MicroStrategy Version 10

The evolution of a long time market segment leader

MicroStrategy has undergone several transitions this year. There has been some transition of resources. As with any vendor, the support and relationship that is established makes a huge difference. The product itself has evolved and improved. The actual amount of out of the box functionality that the MicroStrategy Web and Desktop products offer is tremendous. From a go-to-market strategy, MicroStrategy hasn't done a good job of positioning itself in the Big Data world. The ability exists, but needs to be front and center in their current and future initiatives/efforts to reach the growing audience of possible customers looking for tools that work within the Big Data ecosphere.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Govern the Data and allow the users to explore!

Price point and flexibility on pricing was great for our model. Implementation of reports and products could be slow due ot relationship with in house 3rd party managing the applicaitons.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Strong product in many reporting and analysis areas, including Dashboards.

The mature reporting aspects were very strong. The product was also strong in the newer areas - Dashboards, Visual Insight, and Data Blending, but response to some technical issues was spotty at times, though generally very good.

MicroStrategy Version 10, Other...

MicroStrategy effetively meets our BI requirements and has changed the way we look at data

Vendor support is excellent from both the sales team and the technical support team. Both teams are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Software installation, configuration and use are intuative and we have had no issues with the either the MSTR tools or support.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Great product, weak service

They have a great product, but the expertise that shown was not the best. They need to teach best practices to use their technology

MicroStrategy Version 10

Good product, support very revenue focused.

Product is good but as they integrate new acquisition functionality they do not guarantee continuation of a current product (e.g. Narrowcast Server) if the functionality is available in one of their competing offerings.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Powerful end-to-end BI solution, visual exploration still needs work

The product is mature and has a single metadata layer where report logics can be stored in. The mobile offering is strong, so is document/dashboard creation. However, visual analysis and exploration are still lacking compared to competitors.

MicroStrategy Version 10

Looked promising but usage becomes cumbersome when serious reports/dashboards get built.

Product is still in its infancy with great promises. v10