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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

implementation was easy, however the vendor seem to be behind all the others with innovati

Even though the support is not the best that we would expect when issues are escalated the vendor gets enganged lots of bugs in new releases, the upgrade is quite time consuming because of regression issues, recently Oracle released a tool to help with regression testing, however the tool is not mature

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Wish the new patches were less complicated

We are pretty much satisfied with the overall experience.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Expanded Reporting Capabilities

OBIEE has expanded our reporting capabilities. We have gone from static PDF reports to interactive dashboards. The implementation was a success and the tool has been well received by the user community! The users love the new features that were not available to them with our previous reporting tool. Drill down capabilities are very useful and the tool is very user-friendly.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Easy Implementation; Good Data viz (with Oracle DV)

Upgraded from Previous releases (11.1). Had few changes in the look and feel; Some formulas worked better. Data Visualization add-on (separate product) enhances experience.

Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise)

Tough Installation, But achievable operational efficiency

The installation was good, but performance lags a lot.

Oracle BI Cloud Service

Implementation was easy, but missing key functional features

Implementation was easy. But, some of the key functionality features (user administration, usage tracking, code migration between BI environments, collaborative sharing of VA projects etc.) were missing making it challenging.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Implentation had many bumps

The technical resouce for the implementation was on par. They had hard time configure the application to our need.

Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise)


Experience has been educational.

Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Overall Very nice product with extensive BI capabilities

Overall it was very nice working with Oracle OBIEE Product engineers and customet Service. They were very helpful and supportive

Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise)

Inights that we can action

The team collaborated wth us well and ensured our success through our partner