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Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Powerful and visually pleasing tool to complement existing ERP systems

Our experience with the vendor was adequate but most of the interaction and project work was performed by the 3rd party consulting firm who was very helpful.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Need to Show Value of Tool in order for User Adoption to Improve

Ease of use in Report writing and Dashboard creation User Adoption is slow Output not as robust as originally thought

Oracle Business Intelligence (On-Premise)

Oracle Business Intelligence has greatly increased the agility of business decisions.

The rollout of OBIEE was really smooth. It mainly took about six months because of all the mapping of data. The seeded reports it came with were great, and the set-up of other reports is easy once all the data is mapped. We have been able to streamline a lot of services now which has made ALL the difference in some of our business areas that needed more data driven decision making. Also, the Oracle community and knowledge base we worked with made this an easy rollout. They were very responsive and attentive and it made us feel comfotable every step of the way.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Performance - the only good thing about this BI tool.

BI tool with great potential, but completely "forgotten" by Oracle - in need of a major update and redesign.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Effective platform for turning data into information and distributing widely.

With the help of seasoned implementation partners and cost-containment using off-shore resources, we have been able to get the entire institution reporting out of a single unified and approved repository of information. Roll-out has been simple (the web) and adoption has been steady. We have rolled out the tool's capabilities at three different levels: casual users that just see dashboards, more expert users who can do ad-hoc work within the context of a particular dashboard, and finally ad-hoc users who can start from scratch with access to entire subject areas. This has been a useful approach. We have gone from a few dozen users to thousands. Again, all reporting off a single repository of data, a single version of the truth. We are constantly looking at the usage data from our users and improving dashboard functionality and performance.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

implementation was easy, however the vendor seem to be behind all the others with innovati

Even though the support is not the best that we would expect when issues are escalated the vendor gets enganged lots of bugs in new releases, the upgrade is quite time consuming because of regression issues, recently Oracle released a tool to help with regression testing, however the tool is not mature

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Wish the new patches were less complicated

We are pretty much satisfied with the overall experience.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Enterprise wide standard reporting

Enterprise wide implementation. Standard reporting

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Expanded Reporting Capabilities

OBIEE has expanded our reporting capabilities. We have gone from static PDF reports to interactive dashboards. The implementation was a success and the tool has been well received by the user community! The users love the new features that were not available to them with our previous reporting tool. Drill down capabilities are very useful and the tool is very user-friendly.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (On-Premise)

Easy Implementation; Good Data viz (with Oracle DV)

Upgraded from Previous releases (11.1). Had few changes in the look and feel; Some formulas worked better. Data Visualization add-on (separate product) enhances experience.