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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI

Upgraded because of ageing hardware, not sure we will be upgrading again.

No involvement by vendor. As an upgrade we are still using that system in the same way we did 10 years ago. System and its ability has moved on, but we have no awareness of this and how this product could be utilised in the future. Dashboards and cloud based options not currently there under our licences, making other vendors a more favourable alternative

SAP BusinessObjects BI

good tool but expensive

Good setup support and ongoing support, cost is expensive.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Proven drag and drop reporting capability but less visual than newer offerings

Flexible drag and drop reporting but limited self-service compared to newer offerings.

SAP WebIntelligence, SAP Business Objects Data Services, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Implementation was successful but failed to keep up with the competition

While earlier rollouts of the BO suite experienced a brighter outlook and great support, as competition grew and the BO suite failed to implement new user-friendly features, their viability and their service also suffered. I suppose the law of diminishing returns applies to them as well.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP Crystal Reports

I value Crystal's solid ability to analyze our data

Have used Crystal Reports since version 4. The improvements in each version have been delightful.

SAP WebIntelligence, SAP BusinessObjects BI

Enterprise strength & reliability for operational BI

No relationship with a rep from the vendor. Never hear from them

SAP Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Excellent Data Mining Product

Very useful to connect databases using the software's built-in ODBC. However, formatting is kind of challenging and SQL is very challenging to integrate into the platform, although it is rarely needed.

SAP Crystal Reports, SAP WebIntelligence, SAP Business Objects Data Services, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP NetWeaver BW

Not a great experience

Needs a lot of IT to develop/deploy analytic solutions, lot of limitations, bugs and is not flexible.

SAP WebIntelligence

So far so good: WebI proving itself

We are still early stages in our implementation but so far everything is working as promised. Power users can use WebI exclusively and are proving its possible

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

Implementation was easy. Difficult to grow user adoption base.

The product works well. Our users prefer the Analysis for Office over the Analysis for OLAP. User adoption of OLAP is diffiuclt.