3.6 out of 5 (91 Ratings)

90 Verified Reviews

SAP NetWeaver BW

Smooth implementation and great methodology.

This implementation brought new retail insights to users with the multi-dimensional data reporting capability.

SAP Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI

Extremely time efficient to Provide Timely Business Reports

Great in terms of generating reports and creating metrics to automate reports. Very fast in terms of getting data to analyze and make key business decisions. Overall product service and customer support is very positive

SAP Crystal Reports

Nice Tool

This is a great tool. I didn't need much of help from the vendor. But I heard from the colleagues that they got good support in the past. It works perfect. At the same time, it has some limitations. One of my colleagues couldn't stop searching back for readmission calculation.

SAP WebIntelligence

Easy implementation but labor intensive report conversion

Installation on software easy to do. Migration of reports from deski to webi very labor intensive.

SAP Crystal Reports

Finally got the right product but not without a huge hassle.

Very hard to order from. Very confusing website. Ordering what you want is a major pain.

SAP Crystal Reports

Easy to implement, difficult to maintain

It solved our needs for analytics. The commercial terms were available for us to package it with our product. Our developers immediately understood how to use it. However, there was a lack of flexibility is the reports generated. We worked around it by creating more variations by hand.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Upgrade was easy and straightforward

Overall everything has went as expected. Minor issues with SSO and some others but overall went well.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

good but still a lot to improve

Limitations in terms of capabilities on top of BW

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI

Upgraded because of ageing hardware, not sure we will be upgrading again.

No involvement by vendor. As an upgrade we are still using that system in the same way we did 10 years ago. System and its ability has moved on, but we have no awareness of this and how this product could be utilised in the future. Dashboards and cloud based options not currently there under our licences, making other vendors a more favourable alternative

SAP BusinessObjects BI

good tool but expensive

Good setup support and ongoing support, cost is expensive.