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Reviews for Enterprise Video Content Management

What is enterprise video content management system software?

This market emerged through the inspiration of YouTube. Organizations sought a simple way to share video internally that didn't require people to invest time and effort in making the video viewable on multiple platforms and devices. They wanted end users (in many cases) to capture their videos easily and upload them to the repository in a fluid process; in short, they wanted, and often still ask for, an "Enterprise YouTube." The market is extremely dynamic, and serves as one of four forms of video-related technologies commonly used in organizations; the others are Web conferencing, videoconferencing (with software or dedicated devices) and one-way video streaming. For many buyers, more than one of these video-related forms sits on the same shopping list. We define enterprise video content management as "software, appliances or software as a service (SaaS) intended to manage and facilitate the delivery of one-to-any, on-demand video across Internet protocols."

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