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Panopto video content management system (VCMS)

Panopto: Easily implemented and spreads like wildfire

Panopto was easily implemented in our environment and has been widely accepted by our users. We evaluated several other video hosting platforms but were impressed with the ease, speed and customer service of Panopto. Since it's implementation, mainly to host video's for training and shop floor processes/troubleshooting, it has taken off and used to share legal, marketing and customer service videos. There was always a concern about security when it came to legal and marketing but we've never had any issues. Several "power" users in various departments have been trained and are quickly creating videos for new users and new processes. Even our HR department has created videos for onboarding new employees. Since it is being hosted by Panopto and integrated with our AD through ADFS, we've been able to use this software globally while maintaining it with a minimal staff in our corporate IT department.


Technically solid and easy to implement but beware the cultural barriers to uptake

This is a sollid product to use within an HE environment and is currently gaining significant market share. Their SaaS implementation and straighforward licensing make the technical side of implementation relatively straightforwads (although be prepared for the work required to ensure internal processes and culture are ready for adoption!) Functionality is solid with new features being added regularly and the UI is generally easy. It can be used in a number of different ways so it may be worth ensuring appropriate training if you want to mandate a particular workflow.

Panopto video content management system (VCMS), Unison

Panopto is still at the top of the capture game!

Great customer service. Adaptation of the new software system. New versions are slow to roll out. Different looks for different platforms/operating systems. System-wide bugs appear and aren't addressed immediately.