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Adopting video to gain business advantage externally and drive collaboration internally.

While we (UK/Ire) implemented Qumu-Cloud (was Kulu Valley) in my country, Qumu-Enterprise was being rolled out Globally. We have since also added Qumu-Live to the services we can ofdfer our business. The tool itself was the main selling point, it was so easy to use and build something professional looking in a short time.

Qumu Cloud

Implementation and internal training was easy. Responsive support team.

Vendor has provided high level of support and tailored enhancement to our specific business needs. Supported the implmentation of Qumu Cloud internally with a clear strategy, regular business reviews and licencing solution tailored to our specific needs. They were patient when internal processes slowed up our implementation. Excellent service level and account management did drop off slightly as Kulu Valley and Qumu integrated into one business, however, this is now back to a high level experienced at the start.

Qumu Cloud, Qumu Enterprise

Impletation was lengthy and complicated but worked in the end.

We implemented Qumu to replace an aging technology for streaming. After a slightly rocky start we were able to implement qumu successfully. Essentially we did not size our infrastructure effectively for our network Instead of off-loading services such as Data base and storage we tried to run on a single box Qumu was very helpful and full of expertise once we engaged them to install the correct infrastructure. Since that time we have had good reliablility and support from Qumu.

Qumu Enterprise

One, Two, Three -- and Action!! - With Qumu it’s very easy to make a Live event

It was extremely good experience when bringing Qumu technologies in house. Apart from receiving benefit from this solution, working with the Qumu project team were also nice, starting from analyzing and sizing the requirement until closing this project.

Qumu Cloud

Qumu-Outstanding Video Platform

We have implemented QUMU for the last few years in the health care industry.They have worked with our team on making sure that their player meets the ADA guidelines which are essential to our industry and members.Qumu offers an excellent and straight forward approach to their video platform interface. Many on our team have mentioned the ease as to which the platform is set up. The QUMU team has worked closely with our internal teams to provide timely and useful support. This is one of the factors that makes QUMU stand out in comparison to other video platforms. Their reporting metrics is very useful as well. It is capable of calculating a drop off rate to pinpoint the part of the video that users may be dropping off at and refine that to single digit increments. You can even click on to the exact point of the video where that is taking place and explore what is happening at that time in the video. Most video and analytic programs do not offer this level of detail. If they do, it is only in increments of 25 %, 50 % or 75 % and not as refined as to the single digit increments and exact spot in the video This helps our teams go back and evaluate future video productions and what to include, or not include, based on of the drop off rate metrics. I also appreciate that they submit to third-party verification of the security of the platform and provide that to their users upon request. Security is always of concern, but especially when dealing with healthcare, government regulated industries and banking. I have used other video platforms at other companies, but I feel that QUMU offers the best platform for our needs and our industry.

Qumu Enterprise

Implementation was not difficult but user adoption was a challenge.

Overall good experience with the vendor and their professional services. They tried to accommodate changing demands and clearly explained functions of the product as best as possible.