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Enterprise Video Platform

Implementation and use was easy and positive.

It was the first lecture capture software that I was involved in. MediaSite had set a standard of expectations from our users that other suppliers could not match. However, our own inability/lack of to install software on our servers had a detrimental effect on its overall use. As our footage wasn't available online and recording had to be completed manually due to the server software not being installed and communicating with recorders.

Enterprise Video Platform

Perhaps we are growing apart...

The majority of our product suggestions over the years have gone ignored which leads me to wonder if Sonic Foundry and we are heading in the same direction. There are numerous updates to the software throughout the year, yet it is usually the same product with little or no change to the improvement of the actual functionality.

Enterprise Video Platform

A poor quality system which always has serious ongoing issues.

The system is currently not working because videos won't upload to the server. A call was logged with local IT last month. We had lots of sound quality issues and had to purchase a sound mixer. The video quality is very poor. The software is very cumbersome and difficult to operate. We just don't use it anymore. The service contract ran out and is too expensive to renew.

Enterprise Video Platform

Mediasite has been great and continues to evolve technically and functionally.

Mediasite is a very good strategic match for us. We appreciate substantial savings from staff not having to travel as often for meetings. Programs benefit from consistent communication and training delivery statewide. The content management system has the right mix of features and tools for the diverse work DNR performs.

Enterprise Video Platform

Smart, effective, user-friendly platform.

We have had great success getting faculty and students to embrace this technology, which extends our reach to distance learners.

Enterprise Video Platform

There's a reason Sonic Foundry leads the industry.

Their customer support is beyond comparison. No other company is more focused on providing the best solutions for their customer. You can personally talk to numerous engineers who have been there over 10 years and they are very patient with non IT geeks! As a long time user of over 12 years, I have seen the product grow in capabilities that are a couple years ahead of the competition. Their active user community with regional groups around the country are very supportive. Everyone loves the product.