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VBrick Rev Video Management Platform

Strong VOD and Broadcast solution

Great sales team and flexible solutions for broadcast and VOD

VBrick Rev Video Management Platform

vBrick has phenomenal service and a phenomenal tool!

VBrick has been great to work with. We still have some issues with new user logins, but that is more on us than VBrick. From our first live broadcast, they have been a great partner to work with. Their customer focus and drive to help their customers succeed set them apart from other vendors who just want to do it their way and charge you 3x for it.

VBrick Rev Video Management Platform

Design and implementaion seamless

Vendor was very thorough during design phase and implementation was smooth and seamless as we transitioned off of a legacy system. Vendor did an excellent job at analyzing our existing environment and identifying all steps needed to ensure new infrastructure would be built in the precise manner required. We had some internal standards that weren't i nline with the vendor's recommended specs but they helped us identify both the risks of using a non-recommended build and the means to successfully build the application using our own established standards.