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What are Event Brokers?

Event brokering is a role played by middleware in facilitating event-driven application architecture. The minimum capability required to play the role of event broker is pub-sub messaging. All middleware products, including MOMs and ESBs, supporting pub-sub can play the role of an event broker and can be referred to as basic "event brokers" when so deployed. Middleware products that additionally offer special support for event-centric use cases (for example, a persistent event ledger for analysis and event sourcing, or programmable extensibility for custom filtering and analysis) are "advanced" event brokers.

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"Software for streaming data and events that is excellent"

Overall I had a positive experience with both the product and the service. The architects at PubSub Event Broker were really helpful during the adoption process. From the beginning, working with PubSub Event Broker has been a lovely and joyful sales and technical teams have been tremendously helpful, not just in addressing all of our questions but also in suggesting ways in which the product can assist us to address long-standing business difficulties. Technical support is among the best we've ever encountered. All of this, combined with a fantastic product, makes PubSub Event Broker a memorable experience. Its event mesh function is one of my favorites. In terms of what we want to achieve from a digital-integration-strategy angle, I found it both engaging and satisfying. The second best thing is that PubSub Event Broker works with its users to make it simple for them to add installation to their private cloud, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

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"Best Event handler : Azure Event grid"

Azure Event grid is true for event driven application. If event driven system are distributed on different sites then communication between those sites is little complex and to handle this Azure event grid is an answer with less configuration. The event grid handle the taret path instead of product architecture as this allow to build serveless application .

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"A trust worthy data(Message) Transfer and Application security System by Tibco "

One of the best messaging application in the market to deliver the message to the organization through mobile, cloud, and IoT. Tibco messaging service provides the security while transferring a massive amount of data through the cloud, it has the best messaging queue system which will organize the system correctly and efficiently to transfer the data at lightning speed. One of the best advantages of using the Tibco messaging system is that you can transfer 6 million messages in a few secs with complete protection and security without a data loss throughout this journey

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"Effective and efficient cloud based technology with support services to match!"

My previous organization in the Media & Data space implemented Confluent Cloud unmanaged and Confluent Cloud via Azure Marketplace managed service. The cloud versions through marketplace offerings of AWS, GCP, and in my instance Azure are second to none in providing a very rich streaming environment for all use cases especially real time transactions that tie to sub-second API service integrations for audience qualification. Support and knowledge of the Confluent team is second to none, and they are very willing to work with partners around the globe in making their services better. This is very important, having a technology partner over just having another vendor!

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""A high-performance ,stable & reliable messaging broker""

We are presently using Ably to mange a large percentage of outgoing emails ,text message ,& faxes from various system throughout the organization. Ably sends outgoing update by acting as a middleman between the producer & the consumer .We tried others service very discovering Ably, Which has more modern architecture with better performance loading .We should not need to built PubSub service, & we can save money on human resources & cloud services .

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