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What is field service scheduling and management (FSM) software?

Field service management (FSM) is a discrete market within the broader customer service and support software market. Field service providers (FSPs) typically dispatch technicians to remote locations to provide installation, repair or maintenance services for equipment or systems. They may manage, maintain and monitor these assets under a predefined service or maintenance contract. FSM products operate across multiple communication channels: websites, supply chain solutions, third-party service-brokering solutions and analytics. FSM applications provide capabilities to: manage demand, plan work, inform and enable technicians, debrief work orders, and perform analysis and integration.

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"Microsoft Dynamic 365 Tool Analysis"

Good tool with good features to manage skilled workers. Its capabilities to scheduling the work and assigning the work to the appropriate skilled worker are great. It store all the information about the worker and there skills and all the available harware tools. Its GPS functionality helps workers to get into the place on time and also provide support from geo location through video conference. Its dashboard are amazing with lots of important information. Its billing and invoice are great to have and reporting feature are great.

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"Big help and time savings throughout our processes"

Overall Praxedo has been a big help since the roll out and we have really made a big step away from paperwork to a better tracking of open task and also way quicker invoicing than before.

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"Full Service Tool with Tremendous Scalability"

We have used FSL (Field Service Lightning) for over a year now. Though we had to make some customizations to conform to our unique business requirements, the product is supremely scalable and extensible. Because of some the native integrations between Products and Assets, we are able to see the lifecycle of a product long after it has been installed and commissioned in field. Manage package integrations with our Learning Manage System (LMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), ERP, Virtual Inspections and AR, and Salesforce CPQ tools help to easily single-source unify the product, service and training data on the same platform.

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"Mature Field Service delivery platform that understands Field Service!"

I have worked with ServiceMax for years and I've seen the company and product grow into a mature, stable Service Delivery Platform. From their Account & Success managers to their Professional Services and Engineering teams, the company truly cares about their Customer's success in delivering effective and scalable field service.

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"Extremely versatile product, feature reach, large potential for further expansion."

Extremely well balanced product (features / complexity), great connectivity and integration capabilities.

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"It cando more than resource manage field engineers"

WE use OFSC in a very differenct way to the vast majority of its existing user organisations, that being said if you need a person with a specific skill set to perform a specific task or tasks at a specicic place and time this OFSC is the tool for you.

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"Click Schedule review "

ClickSchedule allowed us in the contact service industry to get a full landscape of all the available schedule and set up appointments for our customers it provides you a list of all the agents with the availability that they have on their schedule to cover the appointment of the customer, its a great tool for schedule optimization

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ServicePower is the only vendor that truly blends the need of a employed and contractor combined workforce. Tools that allow the business to truly manage the two groups in a way to maximize the consumer experiance,

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"strong integration and large capability solution"

Large benefits for our type of Industry and daily uses

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"Excellent development and evaluation process."

With respect to the pleasant experience that offered me SAP hybris I must emphasize its high performance and capacity of resolution of problems, where I can say that this program is characterized by being of the best ones in its category, harnessing the use of its services thanks to the correct and guessed right programming that this novel system provides, counting also on an extremely solid and quite moldable interface, oriented in the improvement of the handling of this program, to guarantee the best use on the part of the users who count on their services to carry out the different plans of action that are required to improve everything in their company.

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"ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management is a Great Tool for Managing Staff"

My experience with ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management is incredible. It helps us manage our employees effectively. ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management is a reliable tool.

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"Great mobile data capture tool, works well on mobile devices"

Great system for carrying out jobs via work orders with field force

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"IFS is a fantastic partner to our organization with a product that supports our growth"

Our overall experience with IFS is great. in addition to a great product, the partnership is fantastic.

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"An enabling product"

Microsoft have been excellent in engaging with us in assisting to deploy this platform globally for us. The guidance to deploy and the post go-live support have been excellent

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"Retail Tech choose the right solution to grow our business and delight our customers"

Astea Alliance has provided us the ability to internalize our field service support without having a large IT support staff. We are able to bring on new customers without missing a beat. This has been totally transparent to our customers. Our field team is empowered and able to make smart decisions. Astea management has been very supportive when there are any issues. Using Astea RTI intends to empower our customers to directly interact and use their data for their own analytics. The Astea roadmap is in place with most of those requirements being delivered in the next release.

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"Robust Software tht we could have implimented better."

Very happy with the product, and ther are some very good people at IFS, but our experience with the implimentation partner was not great and finding the right resource at IFS to help with a problem can sometimes be a challange.

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"Accurate Field Service management"

SAP comes various features and modules that suites u best which covers master data management, Planning & dispatching, System events, etc.

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"ServiceNow Field Service Management @ our organization"

Our Field Service Management implementation has significantly improved our operational efficiency, reduced manual technician effort, and enabled us to build a robust work order, inventory management, and cost recovery solution that has improved the customer experience and added substantial value to our teams.

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"Excellent scheduling & resource management solutions"

A comprehensive package of field service management software, providing solutions to all of our business needs. Best in class scheduling for first party engineers and innovative solutions for managing third party service providers.

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"Very Essential product to enable to communication between Field and office users"

Useful Software used for Field Services. It provides a common forum to improve the efficiency for all positions within a company. Very good tool for scheduling, assigning tasks. Provides real time tracking system between office users and field users. Office users can easily schedule tasks using Click Schedule and Field users can view all their detailed assignment on Click Mobile on their respective devices.

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