Astea International

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Astea Alliance

ASTEA worked with us to develop creative busines processes solutions.

ASTEA took the time to understand our business needs. The developers and business partners assigned to the project were knowledgable and easy to work with.

Astea Alliance

Strong relationship creates successful outcome

We had to work through a few project managers until we found the right partnership. It has been a great relationship with both sides willing to put all the cards on the table and own their share. Even in difficult times, we are able to professionally resolve problems and implement solutins that are mutually beneficial.

Astea Alliance

Implementation of Astea Alliance v12.5 SaaS model

Positive: escalation process when we have an issue is effective, overall functionality of the system meets our needs. Improvements: Quantity of quality consultants to support our customizations, overall QA process could be substaintially improved, oversold some key features like business intelligence tools but product did not deliver, and operational efficiences were not delivered as expected. We had to triple our accounting department to execute the same volume as our legacy application.