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ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Great experience throughout the entire lifecycle with excellent delivery!

Excellent overall experience. Fast track product deployment requiring field dispatch solution with exact appointment scheduling. Vendor evaluation: Multiple vendors responding to RFI/RFP. Click came in very well prepared and had researched our business. Effective process with strong SME support. Responded better than others in flexibility and options to meet timeline and functionality required. Great demos, roadmap, and working team during finalist round. ~75 days from initial vendor contacts to Click selected. Contracting: Effective and results oriented approach. Worked it on our paper and they provided good contracting team to go through multiple redlines until we had working document for Master Agreement. SOW and pricing for licensing, cloud services, professional services, and M&S went smoothly and negotiations were fast as they brought in the decision makers quickly to agree on final Terms & Conditions. ~45 days from vendor selection to signed agreement. Implementation: Click had committed resources to do pre-work with our team while Contracting was underway. They did configurations of the cloud environments, documentation for interfaces, resource planning and agressive timeline plan to be prepared to hit the ground running as soon as contracting was complete. We actually launched intial deployment on their cloud withn 23 days of contract completion. No one internally, outside of our working team, believed it was possible and were happily surprised. Multiple phases of additional automation were launched over next 90 days to implement additional interfaces and automation with our internal systems. Internal developers and system user management team were trained to perform additional enhancements without need of Professional services.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Complex system with nice features but be prepared to have ongoing Professional Services

Very nice, responsive sales and professional services people. Product has many features that are configurable. Support after implementation is terrible. Very difficult to get them to engage and do more than change statuses and refer to FAQ on web. Installation of two patch upgrades has rendered us inoperable for days. No roll back or uninstall mechanism.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Upgrade was manageable, but we have strong internal resources to implement.

It has been a smooth implementation/upgrade.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Excellent for automated planning

Overall well supported, sometimes hard to nail down root cause of incident.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Project scope involves other applications in landscape, so it was hard to integrate them.

The product satisfied our expectations in terms of business functionality. Consulting services partnership was ok, but not having locally representation (in our country) implies a risk that must be managed. QA technical services from product team were fundamental during project phases.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Breadth Product features, very configurable. A little lack of usability.

Although our operation is not perfect yet, we think we are in a great path having ClickSoftware as a partner. We are satisfied with the current product, and looking forward to the migration of newer versions already released which will bring great features for our operation.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Review ClickSoftware

When you implemented CS then you need experience people that we miss by implementation it was a decision made by us to go with a company with less knowledge about CS.

ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Robust on premise product that requires some effort to get right

Overall satisfied. ClickSoftware is pushing the cloud (ServiceEdge) with reduced functionality relative to our on premise solution, so immediate roadmap may not be well suited to our needs. Adoption seems slow - few examples of companies using that we can look to. Will consider cloud-solutions once that product has matured - likely 2+ years from now. From our experience at ClickConnect, we are among the more sophisticated users, with an on-premise solution that we customize and a dev team to support those efforts. I still don't consider our solution world-class, though, with some basic gaps that we're looking to solve into.


ClickSoftware Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

Implementation and technical support response was rapid

The Click team was very responsive to our implementation needs even though we used a 3rd party to integrate and configure Click


Struggle to implement due to difficulties setting business criteria.

Dynamic, forward thinking supplier, but with elements that can improve for customers like us. (emergency gas)