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What is Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing?

Gartner defines Finance and Accounting (F&A) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as the delegation of finance and accounting activities to a third-party service provider. F&A BPO services allow finance organizations to access finance process improvement expertise, hyperautomation1 technology solutions, and transformation methodologies thereby supporting the digital optimization of finance operations.

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"Business Process Analytics & Consulting Efforts Add Value"

We have been utilizing EXL as a trusted partner for more than 10 years for A/P, A/R and consulting efforts and more recently related to our Finance Transformation efforts.

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"Why WNS is the right choice for F&A Outsourcing (Partnership, Price, and People) "

Overall, our partnership with WNS has been a success. We have achieved the financial benefits, process standardization, and strategic transformation goals that were established.

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"Accenture is our trusted partner, consistently helping take operations to greater heights."

We truly work as one team, one solution. This is a trusted partnership, built on trust and integrity. Results exceed expectations in each functional area.

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"A Great Partner "

Genpact has been a great partner for us for over 22 years and supports us in a number of processes. Their strong process management capabilities, continuous process improvement framework, flexibility to scale and regular innovative interventions have helped us operate seamlessly though business cycles, acquisitions, volume fluctuations etc without missing a beat !

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"Great customer Experience"

One of the most innovative product we have come across. Highly collaborative organization to work with.

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"Working out sustainable SAP solutions with TCS is an inspiring journey!"

Super fast build up of working relationship, very beneficial for fast track projects but also for longterm projects.Open and transparent communication on technical, costs or people matters. High flexible in adhoc changes with competitive costs and ressources - working out solutions together with TCS is an inspiring journey. TCS pulled together as well a team of global AP experts working together on an massive action plan to improve the AP stream. Starting from Vendor Master Data Management, improving on time payment rate, understanding of late received supplier invoices, improved help desk activities, helping on daily user issues on ERP system related to AP activities.

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"My real insight of IBM Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Services"

Ever sinve we implemented IBM Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Services, it has been easy as a, b, c, d to customize accounting. It is a bit cost-effective to obtain IBM Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Services.

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"Excellent supplier of BPO and back office services "

After working with a competitor of Sutherland's for many many years we took a gamble and chose Sutherland in the BPO space. I am happy to say that we couldn't have made a better choice. Sutherland was everything they said they were and then some. Very happy.

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"Useful information "

its smoothlly working and safe the all data whatever to insurting in veeve application another is easily to transfer all file from company to employee. better to work in detailling programs

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