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What is Financial Planning Software?

Gartner defines Financial Planning Software as the key tool that enables organizations to manage their enterprise-wide financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes. Financial Planning Software allows finance organizations to plan and analyze business financial strategy for the organization across all three financial statements (profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flows). It supports modeling, collaboration, analytics, and performance-reporting capabilities, all of which enhance a user’s ability to manage financial performance.

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" - Easy to use, enhance internal communication, and timely informed decision"

It's wonderful!! EPM helps us to review our numbers daily and not need to wait till month-end. Starting critical conversations between operation and management early enables management to provide timely guidance and minimize undesirable financial results. Prior to EPM Financial Planning, our branch operations often felt a lack of visibility toward their financial performance. With the implementation, they now have greater transparency into their profitability and are better able to make judgement calls and business decisions to prepare for future overflow, anticipate operation expenses and manage their overall efficiency. We were especially pleased with our implementation consultants, Decker Consulting who did an excellent job translating our requirements onto the EPM Financial Planning platform and guided us through the financial forecasting process. With their experience, they were able to show us how EPM is used and we were able to adapt it into our company's operation procedure. We could see an immediate benefit from the use of EPM, i.e., better visibility into planning decisions and monitoring forecast v. budget analyses.

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"OneStream has transformed how our finance department operates"

Onestream has transformed how our finance team operates. For our planning process we opened OneStream directly to business owners across the organization, allowing users to see the impact of their adjustments in real time while freeing up the finance team to do analysis on the submission. Our financial close process involves none of the manual data manipulation we had to do when we closed the books in excel. Our reporting schedules all update dynamically saving time and effort. Our driver based modeling and forecasting process allows for all members of the finance team to review and adjust the model in real time across multiple scenarios. In addition to all of the manual work involved, OS has eliminated all of the version control problems from our manual process.

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"Great planning tool with stunning visuals and easy to use"

Board is about as configurable as it gets without adding complex coding. It's very easy to use, looks stunning and users buy into it from an adoption standpoint. Advanced analytics is primarily an operational tool rather than applying complex logic but I think this is common in the market. We work with multiple software partners as an implementation partner and Board is definitely the one we see most 'connect' with customers. They often take on more self-service ownership because the barrier to entry for usage is very low.

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"Leveraging Jedox to accelerate growth and innovation of our SaaS business. "

Jedox is the platform that delivers on its promise. It's lightweight and scalable, with an impressive time to implement and get to the business value. It provided a lot of flexibility to our end users, with great integration of the Excel Add-in feature that our community loves. We've also had a very positive experience with consulting services from Jedox, with swift implementation, coupled with their strong enablement program and private trainings to ramp up our stakeholders, and help us drive adoption.

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"Flexibility and scalability from a vendor who is a truly receptive partner"

Vena provided my organization the flexibility we needed, allowing us to design and own the full platform and template/user management, which was key for us as a non-profit with limited resources. We asked to have a teaching relationship to help us learn the platform rather than a vendor build and hand over. The platform allowed us to design the data model to collect the data we needed and then the template customization to collect it in the format that our end users would be most comfortable with. Our initial implementation was about 6 weeks and by the end of that cycle, we launched our initial templates and felt confident in our ability to administer the platform. We then went on to build 4 additional templates independently. We were also able to easily setup (and since make further edits to) a nightly export to our data warehouse, which was key to being able to easily combine our budget data from Vena with data from our other systems.

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"Anaplan enables connected planning and flexible multi-dimensional modelling."

Anaplan has been helpful in developing connected multi-dimensional models that allow real-time inputs and collaboration across teams. It is a robust platform that gives users enough flexibility to easily adapt models to organisational changes. It's difficult to up skill in the platform initially, but once you are familiar with how to develop the models, then the use cases are endless. I've generally used Anaplan to replace existing spreadsheet models that break as the organisation scales, but have built models across sales, FP&A and reporting.

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"Awesome Product & Amazing People!"

First, the people at Prophix are amazing. They are friendly and knowledgeable. You only work with Prophix employees, not third party consultants like some of their competition. Prophix stood out beginning with our implementation. They had our financial model synced and balanced with our ERP in the first two weeks. This was something that Adaptive was not able to accomplish after years of trying. Second, the product is extremely intuitive. You can create your own cubes and reports without needing an IT department, consultants or other professional services. Analyzing reports is a breeze. You can pivot data with the click of a button, drag and drop to change views, and drill into your data. Reports can be cleanly exported to Excel, if needed. Prophix reporting and analysis has provided a better insight into our financial data with greater transparency among users, including executive management. Budgeting is significantly more agile using Prophix verses using Excel. Once the budget is created, future budgets are produced much faster. Finally, we were searching for a solution for ASC842 lease compliance. We were able to create a solution with their assistance that meets our needs using the Detailed Planning Manager.

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"Excellent integration and fast implementation of Planning Process with existing Landscape"

Excellent integration with existing investments in SAP ecosystem. This is our critical point for choosing it. Implementation time was and is very fast with good results right from the beginning. Possible to onboard users from business for creating smaller scenarios. However, also more sophisticated processes possible with API integration and programming, if needed.

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"Flexible and robust IBM Planning Analytics product provides business insights"

IBM Planning Analytics is the mainstay for planning, budgeting and forecasting, and financial reporting in our Fortune 500 company. We selected it for it's flexibility, ease of use, and robust modeling capabilities. It's strong intergration with Excel via the Pafe tool is another key benefit. It's ease of use has been much embraced by our end user community. Our on-premise implementation was straight forward, and was completed on schedule in approximately 3 months.

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"Semplicity of use meets enterprise complexity"

The experience on Tagetik applications is udoubtedly positive: - user frendly - tagetik is finance-owned and not reliant on IT - aggregation of the submissions from a large number of entities using company hierarchy - possibility to design reports, schedules and workflow on specific needs and this allows to deepen the knowledge of the application - streamlining of process flow great professionalism of the consultants

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"2022 Planful Review"

We have been very pleased with our experience using Planful as the financial reporting tool to consolidate our many diverse business units into pixel-perfect management reports and dashboards. Our CSM and the Planful Management Team have been attentive to our company's specific needs, product enhancement requests were built and any issues were resolved quickly. Planful continues to evolve rapidly and we are excited to grow with the product through implementation of new features and functionality as they become available.

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"Axiom gets the Job Done for Budgeting and Reporting"

Axiom is a great product with a learning curve and some setup time. That being said, the ROI for the time and expense is well worth it.

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"Awesome, Awesome too. It is a game changer."

Adaptive Insights is a superior product. It has enabled greater and more detailed financial planning with significant less work to do so. It has also reduced the time required to prepare the annual budget. A challenge for the operations staff was completing a budget with a system that is one size fits all. Adaptive allows me to build department specific models drive by that departments KPI's. Operations now updates KPI's which are mapped to the appropriate revenue and expense accounts. OfficeConnect is a remarkable tool. We can update reports and data in excel with current GL or Budget totals by simply hitting refresh. The implementation was well done with time left over in the project to allow me to build my own models and get feedback from the implementation team. Moving forward, all modeling we did in excel will be done through Adaptive. It is our primary tool for day to day analysis.

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"Great CPM solution"

Efficiency Improved operational visibility and management Complex business environment

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